Installing, “Humanity 2.0”

I had a recent inspiration I would like to share with you. It started out, oddly enough, with a thought about the gates of heaven. I realized that the gatekeeper had to be vibration, otherwise some souls would find ways to sneak in even though that had not done the work necessary to be aligned with the that vibration. The vibration would be a field that would act like a force field keeping certain vibrations out while only allowing in those vibrations that are the same frequency. Since the Creator of All Things is Love, Love would be an effective gatekeeper that would keep out souls that had not yet achieved the vibration of Love. Those souls that had not yet achieved the vibration of love would not be punished because they would still have multiple lifetimes to discover the importance of Love, and attain that vibration.

This thinking led me back to the Abraham material that came through Ester and Jerry Hicks. I have been using this information for years, but recently it shifted from being mental knowledge to heart knowledge, and I understood it in a deeper way than the words that I have shared with others. The knowledge was transformed to wisdom, and I realized several things. For instance humanity needs each of us to be all that we can be. I think that when we chose to come to Earth, we were each given a gift that we were meant to deliver, but some of us were sidetracked by power or greed etc. Others were influenced or persuaded to follow a path that was not his or her own. The result was those gifts were never delivered. Our gifts are meant to make the world a better place, some in small ways and some in large ways, but when we fail to deliver our gift nothing changes or improves. For the first time I realized the value of contrast that Abraham talked about. The purpose of contrast is that when we see something we do not like, we immediately think about what our preference is. The problem is that it is a little like a bad accident, which grabs our attention making it hard to look away. When we keep focused on the things that we do not like, we start vibrating with them, so rather than helping, we end up feeding what we do not like instead. If we stay centered we can keep our attention on what we want instead.

I have a number of friends that are committed to creating a better world, but I notice that they are occasionally distracted from the good they add to the world when they occasionally focus their attention (and feed) the very things they do not want. Each of us came here to deliver our gift to humanity, and we can’t let what “already is” distract us, or we end up concentrating on a system we came here to make obsolete instead. We did not come here to fix what has been broken for centuries. We came here to install a new program, “Humanity 2.0.” This new system will make the current one obsolete by removing “bugs” like greed and ego and allow upgrading to a system based on Love. The more attention we place on who and what we do not like, the less attention and power is available for this upgrade to Love.

It has taken me a while to understand that I did not come here to change people, to make them wrong, or even point out what is wrong. I came here to be part of a team that is offering an upgrade to a new program, one based on Love. Since we have free will, we still have a choice, but when you perceive others as wrong, or judge them you create a resistance to accepting the new programming. As new programmers, it is easy to find fault with the old system, but we had already decided that the old system, which was based on ego and power over others, was broken and beyond repair. If we keep our attention on what is wrong with the old system, we are delaying the installation of the system that will make the old one obsolete. When you upgrade to the new system, people will start expressing interest as soon as they notice that your programming is running without the usual “bugs.” As Buckminster Fuller said, “In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”

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4 Responses to Installing, “Humanity 2.0”

  1. John-Michael says:

    Hi Dan, just found your site. Like your thoughts about the new OS, absolutely! Windows-to-the-Universe, Infinity Release. ;-)

  2. Saba says:

    Wow! Incrediable! I am agree in so many ways, I love the computer upgrading analogy. I love comparing us to computers or minds is very similar to google, we can pretty much download and search for anything our heart/mind desires. We are connected to everything on this planet. But we are also programmed in so many ways and yes the old it is time to upgrade!

    • Dan Amato says:

      Thanks Saba! This upgrade will overwrite all the old programming, and when people see the benefits no one will want to stay connected to the old programming. I believe that you and your friends are part of the team that is here to install the upgrade. Keep up the great work!

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