I want to apologize for my last post, “An owners manual for Humanity.”I rushed to squeeze it in for the last day of the month, and it was not until I posted it that I realized that several things were missing. The next,and bigger mistake I made was to just try to fix it the next couple of days, but I found it to be impossible to fix something I did not cover completely in the first place. I am sorry for my poor decisions, but as many plans fell through for me, I let last week get away from me. This morning I decided to delete the original unfinished post, which did not make any sense anyways. I also decided to re-write this post so it would do justice to what I have come to understand. As I started to reorganize and rewrite this post, I realized that I left out a number of things that I needed to cover, and explain. When I realized how much I needed to add, I realized, by the time I finished it would be too long for a post, so it has become a series of posts. I have no idea of how long it will take me, but when I finish I will compile it into an ebook, and make it available for a couple of bucks. For those of you that do no have the funds, the posts will always be available for downloads. If you were one of the few that had the negative experience of trying to read and decipher my last post. You have my deepest apology. I have decided to stop trying to be Superhuman, and instead be a Human doing Super things. I hope to write a Super post soon!

© 2013 Dan Amato

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