Humanity The owners Manual Chapter Two

Embracing Your True Power

Over the past several centuries, Humans have been led away from the power within them and taught to look outside of them to find power. We spend our time looking for power because we feel the loss of something we are supposed to have. Since The Creator instilled power into us in our creation, we can sense something is missing. Unfortunately, society, and those in power mislead us about our true power because they would rather us struggle for something they can control. Over the years they, and we have come to equate power with control. The way we have been taught to gain control is by having “power over”others. “Power over” is not the same as the inner power The Creator instilled in us, when He created us. We are taught that control is power, and we see examples everywhere. You can have control by threatening to use force,or violence which involves intimidating others with your greater power. If you can intimidate others, fear controls them. Often violence is used as the force for intimidation. You can even gain control from a credible threat of violence, which also creates intimidation, but imitation, and even control is just pseudo- power.

Over the years, humans have become accustomed to the idea of control as having power. We see examples of it happening daily in the world around us. We see parents exerting “power over” children, instead of guiding them as parents were meant to do. We see employers exerting “power over” employees. There are endless examples. In every relationship we can watch both sides fighting endlessly to gain power, or to maintain power once they get it. Because both sides are only interested in power, they never discover that cooperation works so much better than having “power over.” We are not aware enough to notice all the energy we waste on the constant back and forth battle to achieve “power over” the other. It is more effective to share power instead. If we work together towards a common goal we realize that cooperation works better. When we work together, the choice then becomes clearer. Everyone can win. The only thing in the way is those in power will not give up their power.

“Power over” is a system that is flawed, and you do not try to fix a broken system because any improvement you make only addresses the symptoms of what’s wrong, not the cause. You can fix a symptom every week, and not affect any permanent change. We need to look at the deeper truth about humans. What is true is that we were created with power, a gift we inherited from our Father. Not from not our earthly father, but from our Spiritual Father-The Creator. We are told that we are made in the image of The Creator, but no one ever tells us the deeper significance of this. Obviously, we are not made in His Physical image, or we would all look the same. If we remember that our body is merely the vessel that contains our Spirit, then we understand it is our Spirit that was made in The Creator’s image. This means, that just as we inherit our physical father’s traits, we also inherit traits from our Spiritual Father as well, just Spiritual ones. We were created with “free will,” which means we get to choose, and even control what we create in our lives. If we didn’t get to choose, it wouldn’t really be Free will.

The problem is no one ever teaches us how free will works. We are told we create with our thoughts, but not how it works. Of course, since our mind’s attention changes focus from moment to moment, we need a way to pin down what we want to create first, before we create it other wise what we create would change with every thought. To keep us from creating something accidentally The Creator added a second step to our internal creative process. You can think of focused attention as the glue that makes our thoughts stick. This is why our power to create is woven into our attention. We can quickly add our attention to a thought we want to stick. A problem can arise here if people don’t understand how the system works. If we focus on a thought too long, we can create something we don”t like, by mistake. This simple mistake happens if we prolong our focus for too long. If we spend too much time thinking about something that happened to us, or think of it too often, we end up creating what we do not want.

We do not understand that by keeping our attention on something for too long, we create it. It’s simple, we get more of whatever we keep our attention on. This is why when we are in a bad mood we tend to attract more of it, or if we are complaining, we tend to find more to complain about. No one has to sabotage us. By keeping our attention on what we do not want we misuse our power, and sabotage ourselves. If you want to create a better life, you will have to keep your attention on better things. Since I have understood out that Spirit would not leave us stranded on this planet without some way to give us feedback, lets talk about how we receive this feedback from The Creator. Remember, we are made in the image of The Creator, so our Spirit has the clearest pathway to communicate to us. This signal must be more noticeable, so it has to have the capability to make itself known: over thinking, and talking, and not be misunderstood, or misinterpreted. The is only one channel of communication that qualifies for this non-physical communication from Spirit-feeling. This way whatever you felt would be clear no matter what language you spoke. This way the guidance would get through clearly for everybody.

The Creator has to be able to understand everyone He has created. This is not a problem because The Creator IS SPIRIT so He exists beyond language. He has no need of it. He communicates to us directly. He communicates with us in subtle ways because while He wants us to receive His guidance He doesn’t want us to feel He’s looking over our shoulder. He doesn’t to inhibit our free will. Imagine how restrictive it would feel to have your Father constantly looking over your shoulder.

The clearest and best way for The Creator to communicate with us is through feeling because then it does not matter what language you speak. When you are angry, the word for anger may be different in your language, but there will be no doubt to what you are feeling. In fact, anyone who looks at your face will see what you are feeling. You can be angry in every language, but it always looks the same. This is why The Creator uses feeling to communicate with us, because there is no possibility of misunderstanding what you feel. This direct channel of communication has two branches: the first branch is emotion. We misunderstand emotion, so lets make it clear, the only purpose of emotion is to “Feel.” When we “feel” something completely, it begins to dissipate, and gets lighter until it disappears. As we feel, we get the feed back of how something affects us. That is the purpose of emotions, to understand, express and release what we feel. We get in trouble when we forget this.

The problem that hampers the expression of our emotions, is our judgment of our negative emotions as bad. This is because they feel uncomfortable so we do not like feeling them. When something feels uncomfortable humans have the tendency to avoid it. Another problem with emotions is they are a form of emotional energy, and in order to release this emotional energy it must be expressed. When we do not express an emotion, the body has no choice but to store the emotion. Emotions are meant to be released, so when it is stored instead, it can becomes toxic to the physical body, which causes symptoms. Since the origin of these symptoms is emotional, medications are not able address the problem. In fact, it is the reason why many medicines do not work. You can’t heal an emotion with drugs because the only thing wrong is, the emotion needs to be felt, and then released. We could probably heal ½, or more, of all diseases if we helped people to feel and release their emotions rather than cover, or repress the symptoms with medications. Besides medicines do not cure, they repress the symptoms. This way you live with a disease the rest of your life. Quite a racket isn’t it ? What Doctors call medicine is actually a simple repression of symptoms. This works so well for the pharmaceutical companies because they have a customer for life. Then when you develop new side effects, they get to sell you more medicine for that. Instead of being upset, you are grateful for them getting rid of the side effects that their medicine caused. You spend the rest of your life on this pharmaceutical train that goes in circles, making stops for every new side effect.

If you take a closer look at medicine you will notice that Physicians tend to avoid dealing with our emotions as much as we do. In fact they even tell us that having an emotional connection with patients interferes with the patient’s healing. This is an interesting assertion because mothers take care of their family all the time, and I have never heard of a case of a mother’s Love interfering with her child healing from being sick. Physicians are so uncomfortable with emotions they have to find a way to silence ours too. It is why Physicians repress our symptoms instead of addressing the cause. If they addressed the cause, the problem would go away, and you wouldn’t need to see them again for a while, and that would decrease business. Repressing our symptoms allows Physicians to be comfortable treating us. The pharmaceutical industry has given birth to multiple solutions that repress our symptoms. This partnership works well for both the pharmaceutical companies, and the physicians; both get rich from this collaboration.

Sorry, I have become distracted from the topic of our guidance from, and our connection to The Creator. This is very important! As I said the feeling channel is composed of two branches. We tend to lump the second one together with the first because we do not understand the difference between emotion and feeling. We label these other messages as intuition, but we ignore them because we are not aware that they originate from our nonphysical connection to The Creator. This is why these messages are transmitted through feelings. Spirit has no need for language or words. We would pay better attention if we understood these messages were delivered from the Creator to the nonphysical part of us. If we knew the message is from us, the higher part of us, we would pay attention to this guidance. Since is not obvious from where it originates, we do not tend to pay attention as much.

I have thought about this a lot over the past couple of years, and I have come to the conclusion that The Creator would at least have to be as good as the best human parent. With this in mind I came to the conclusion, that like the best parent, The Creator would want to guide us on our journey while we were here, to insure our loving connection with our Father, so we would return to His Loving Presence. Those that pretend to represent our Creator, actually have a fairly low opinion of Him and us. We are led by them consistently to believe that we are not worthy of a direct connection with our own Father. No wonder we do not think very highly of ourselves. This feeling is reinforced by our religious leaders who tell us we were born with “original sin.” No wonder that even though we were created from Our Father’s Divine essence, we are stuck feeling unworthy. It is a pity that our religious leaders are willing to believe our Creator is so petty, that He would punish generations of us for a sin committed by an ancient ancestor. We are led to believe that though He has held a grudge against humanity for an eternity, and seems more like the poorest example of a human, he can be trusted to forgive us for our sins. We feel so unworthy that we accept all the negative things we are told. We do not notice that the religious leaders have demoted Our Father from The Loving Creator Jesus told us about to a Creator ripe with human faults. They say He is a jealous Creator who will punish us for our mistakes for an eternity. Burning us for eternity for the mistakes we didn’t even make hardly seems the act of a Loving Creator.

If you see The Creator as a Good parent, then you will understand that as an Omnipotent Father, He will understand that we make mistakes, maybe even many of them, and they are a natural part of the learning process. It makes sense that He will forgive us for all our mistakes. As I said, the second branch of communication from Spirit is intuition. This is why we can feel what the right decision is, but not explain why its the correct decision. The mind does not have access to the deeper wisdom of the Spirit so it does not know why it is the right decision, but it can feel it is. The problem we face with our intuition is we have Not been taught that the Creator communicates with us, so we do not pay attention to the feedback we receive from Him. We are taught that Logic is supreme, so we try to figure it out in our mind, but our mind cannot know why it feels right, only that it does. When the mind ignores the information it has received, it will say, “ I knew I should have,” or “I knew I shouldn’t have.” Because people do not suspect The Creator has sent us a message guiding us to the correct decision, they just shrug their shoulders. If we understood that Spirit was always guiding us, we would notice that Spirit puts strategic things in our path to guide us to the next step on our path. Learn to pay attention to your guidance. Spirit can help you find your path, and let you know the next step you need to take.

Since I was little, I have wondered why the Creator did not leave some manual to guide us back to Him? As I got older, especially in the past year I have realized that Spirit did leave us a manual to guide us, but that He couldn’t leave it in a book because there is too much temptation for those in power to use it to gain power over others by changing, or altering its meaning. This leaves only one place that Spirit could leave this information to keep it safe from alteration. He left it in each of us. That way no matter who was in power, or where you lived, or who had power over you, you could always access His guidance within you. This way it would be available to all of us whenever we needed to consult it. Since The Creator exists as a Spirit He has no need to speak every language because he can speak directly to every heart. If you think about this, feeling is the perfect way to communicate with us. Whatever your native language is, your emotions never need to be translated.

There is a reason why The Creator’s nature was hidden from us. Those that said they represented Him did not want us to know that The Creator loved us unconditionally so, they hid it from us by telling us That The Creator is an angry Creator, He is a Jealous Creator, and he judges us for our mis-steps. He punishes us by sending us to a terrible place where we spend the rest of eternity burning for those mistakes. Call me silly, but that doesn’t have any resemblance to an All Loving Creator, does it?

In short, The Creator made our spiritual leaders in His image, do they returned the favor, and re-made Him in theirs. After all, who would really obey a Creator that Loved Us so unconditionally, that He let us make as many mistakes as were necessary to learn. I think our religious leaders manufactured their own idea of The Creator. They grew up as most Humans do in a ”culture of violence” so they felt that unless they constructed a supreme being who punished us who would obey? I mean the idea of a Creator who would punish us for eternity, was scary! I think they thought that Love was not reason enough to be good to others. It’s too bad our religious leaders never understand the depth of their misunderstanding of Our Creator. He didn’t want power over us. He wouldn’t have given us free will, if He wanted control over us. He wanted us to be free to choose. Of course, those in power would have a difficult time keeping power over us if we knew The Creator is not interested in punishing us, which is perhaps why they did not believe The Creator was all knowing. They did not realize is the reason The Creator put Karma into place was so we can learn from our mistakes as we go through each lifetime. If we learn from our mistakes then there is no need for our Heavenly Father to punish us. Then He is free to Love us instead, which is why He created us. To have a heart as large as The Creator’s, you would need to constantly send that Love somewhere, and what better place to send it to than all those He Created? The Creator created this huge universe for us to play in, so would always have new opportunities to experience. Now is there any doubt that your Creator Loves you Unconditionally?

© October 2013 Dan Amato

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3 Responses to Humanity The owners Manual Chapter Two

  1. Dan Amato says:

    Thank you for your comment.It helps me know I am connecting with people, so I get feedback that the writing I am doing is worth the effort! I amgld my writing touched you!

  2. Jen says:

    This is wonderful Dan. More need to realized the points you have brought up here. Thank you

    • Dan Amato says:

      Thanks Jen! I only came across your comment today. This is something I have only been understanding for the past year or so of how being born here influences us for the rest of our lives in ways we can’t understand becauese most of what happens is stored in our unconsciousness so we are not aware of it, but it still affects us!

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