Humanity The Owner’s Manual Chapter Three

Born into a Culture Violence: The Opposite of Rose Colored Glasses

We are born into, and grow up in a culture of violence. We are like crops planted in toxic soil that cannot help, but absorb the toxins in which we grow. We do not think about it, but the vision of every Human is tinted by what resides in their consciousness, in this case violence. What we carry in our consciousness, affects what we see in the world around us. This is why we may all observe the same things, but based on what resides in our consciousness, we perceive, and so experience very different things than others. This is how free will works. This is how we each get what we choose no matter how different it is. Since we grow up in a culture of violence, it throws an additional shadow over our perceptions, which is then integrated into what we see. Hearing about violence, and experiencing violence both affect our consciousness in different ways, and to different degrees. The problem is ills every part of human existence from birth to death, we learn to tolerate it’s existence.

Here are just some examples (Not a complete list) of how violence has permeated our culture, and has been thoroughly integrated into it. It may be changing, but for many years, when children were born, the process regularly involved pain. I’m not just talking about the pain of birth itself, but the additional pain of being hit hard on the butt to stimulate the child to wakefulness. Physicians do this to improve the child’s transition into our world, while increasing the infant’s awareness of their surroundings. It is interesting to note that with all the huge breakthroughs in medicine the past century, the best way physicians could come up with to stimulate an already vulnerable infant, was to hit them on the butt to create pain, hoping it would cause the infant to breathe deeper. Of course in the past, many physicians dismissed any pain infants might feel in the birth process because they were in denial that the infant’s nervous system was mature enough to feel pain. I say they were in denial of the pain they caused infants because for years they have made excuses like infants can’t feel the pain, or if they do, they won’t remember it. More recent research shows that pain deeply affects infants. In fact, studies have also showed that pain may decrease the bonding between mother and child. Some have even speculated that things like violence, aggression, self destructive behavior, and even suicide may be attributable to the long term effects of untreated pain in infants. If that is true then we are exposing infants to violence before the age of reason, which forces them to process it in the unconscious mind. As it becomes ingrained in their unconscious mind, it becomes part of the way they view the world around them.

I’m sorry. There are so many studies that demonstrate how unconscious doctors have been of the pain they cause to infants, and children, that it really upsets me. Getting back on track about what happens when a child feels pain. It makes sense that since the pain of childbirth occurs before infants reach the age of reason, so the child does not yet have the ability to process pain, or trauma consciously. The result is the body has to store the experience until the mind is capable of dealing with the pain, and trauma. The body is equipped with such a storage place called the unconscious mind. This is where the trauma gets stored, sometimes for many years, until the mind advances enough in understanding to be able to process the trauma. It is helpful to understand that the mind does not not just process the experience of the trauma, but also any judgments or inner programming the mind associates with the experience, even if they occur at a later date. If the mind is unable to process an experience at that time it happens, it will wait until it’s understanding is capable of processing the stored trauma. Since we have been taught, indirectly, to avoid our emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones we store them in the unconscious mind, where we can still access them later, to clear, and process them. This becomes a problem because we learn, over time, to avoid emotions that make us feel uncomfortable. Let’s face it, no one likes to feel uncomfortable, let alone process something that causes discomfort. It is not taught to us that the only purpose of emotions is to give us feedback about how we feel about what has happened.

Because we may not see these children again until they are adults, after the trauma has continued percolating in them for many years, we do not make the connection that the whole time they were young this trauma has continued to deepen. A child’s first experience of violence casts a shadow over the child’s entire existence, so it affects them for the rest of their lives. However, there is one ray of hope in healing our children. The mind is tremendously malleable, so with the proper help, we can still help children to integrate their old experiences in a more beneficial way by helping them to change their perceptions of what occurred with a new perception. Just to demonstrate how complicated being exposed to a society contaminated with violence can be. The fact that the infant is biologically, and emotionally connected to its mother during childbirth adds another layer of trauma to the infant’s experience, which is not acknowledged. This physical connection means that the infant experiences all that it’s mother does during the birthing process, even her fears, pain, and any numbness she feels from the drugs she is given. Since physicians are not really able to treat pain, other than covering over it with their medicines. This means that even if the medicine does not directly hurt the infant, it can still affect them, and cause them problems. For instance, does the pain medicine the physician prescribed for the mother reduce the infant’s ability to receive the necessary stimuli to assist when the mom has a contraction?

The effects of the drugs are never studied on the infant, as long as they do not have adverse reactions, but I’m sure the infant must play some small part in it’s own birth. There has to be some small way in which the infant assists in its own birth. I mean nature does not leave things like this to chance. If the mother has weakness for any reason, a little assistance from the infant would go a long way towards to helping the mom in the delivery. Might this be the true reason why birth-times seem to have increased over the years? Of course, the pain the mother feels during birth is seen by physicians as normal, and since the physician’s expertise is in covering symptoms, he simply covers over the mother’s pain. I do not have the right, nor the inclination to say what childbirth should be like. I only point out that for centuries physicians hijacked control of birth away from women. Physicians waited sufficiently long enough until medicine had become advanced, and complicated enough where they could claim expertise over the birthing process with a knowledge they did not make available to women for many years. This is indeed sad because women have always had the built in advantage of of experience, something the men could never match, because of the simple fact that men do not give birth. Still with their medical knowledge, physicians became the self proclaimed child birth experts, supplanting women as the experts. Luckily for women. they have been taking a more hands on approach to childbirth, so there are new ways coming to the surface of positively affecting child birth. At the end of this article, I will add a couple of articles to give women options that they can investigate on their own.

Sadly, this is just the beginning of a child’s lifetime exposure to our culture of violence. The next act of violence children experience is one parents allow societal pressure to push them into allowing: Circumcision. In the cases of both boys and girls, circumcision requires the performance of unnecessary surgeries. This should alert you that it is not part of The Creator’s design no matter what reason is given. I won’t go into this topic any deeper except to say, that there can never be a good reason for mutilating a child! There are unfortunately large numbers of people that believe the adage,” Spare the rod and spoil the child.”As if a Loving Creator would ever say this, it sounds more like it was said by a religious leader that hated children. This is very unlike The Creator, who Loved children.

If you believe that humans are innately violent perhaps you should know that in spite of how little the amount of violence that humans are exposed to,in their life, we are ill equipped to deal with it. You can see this in how violence affects humans. This is partially repressed by the fact we are taught to “just get over it,” or even worse we are expected to do the impossible, forget it (Read ignore it)! We are told to leave it behind, but the short-sightedness of this is, you can’t leave something behind, if you continue to carry it with you. This is the the thing that keeps us mired in our emotions. If you understand that the only purpose of emotions is to feel them, you can comprehend that emotions are simply a form of energy that is released through expression. This should hint to us that we cannot successfully suppress something that was meant to be expressed. No one told us that if we do not express our emotions we can get blocked emotionally. We are taught to avoid our emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones, so we never get to observe the ”Genius” behind what happens when we feel our emotions. When we fully embrace an emotion, a curious thing happens, the emotion first lightens, then evaporates leaving behind only what we learned. This shows us that we have been lied to about emotions. We are taught to stuff our emotions to avoid their discomfort, but anyone that has done this will tell you its a lie. The emotional pain is still present, and over the years it can even become rancid causing us to be sick emotionally, or physically.

As I have said, we do not deal with violence very well, and I believe PTSD is proof that we are Not s suited to endure violence. All you have to do is watch any one that has been to war. Every one that does make it back, comes back changed. Even the ones that seem okay are changed. Most of the spouses will tell you that their spouses come home a changed person. I won’t go into all the changes, just the obvious example. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the price most humans pay for going to war, but their families pay it too. In fact to swallow the experience of war you could say, “A Spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.” Of course it remains hard to swallow because it doesn’t “agree with us.” In fact those that go to war, irregardless of the side they are on are affected by the violence so much that they carry it around in them for the remainder of their life. It saddens me that politicians are willing to expose the young men and women to the lifelong toxic effects of war. This never-ending cost of war is never entered into the the tally, because if citizens knew that the violence of war continued to damage their Loved-ones for decades after they returned, they would ever agree to war

The spoonful of sugar our politicians use to sweeten the terrible taste of violence, allowing them to shove it down the throats of the young men and women in our military and their families are simple, but powerful concepts. Our leaders have managed to weave our soldiers, and Loved ones into the very essence of these words, which is why when these words are used on us they touch us so deeply. Words like: duty, bravery, sacrifice, loyalty are often used to help promote other things. Other words like “Enemy”, and “Just cause” are often used as an excuse to do dark things and pretend that anything you do is okay, if you doing it for the right side, “yours.” The Truth is we do not so much have reasons to do violence as living in this culture of violence has conditioned us to see violence as a way to get what we want, so we use violence to get power. Is it really such a surprise that our governments use the same tactics to have power over others or us? You could make the argument over which happened first,
but probably both happened together simultaneously. When the soil becomes fertile for a crop, that crop will grow almost effortlessly. Since our culture of violence has seeded our soil continuously for the next crop of violence, it will keep growing until we are willing to cut it down completely, and grow something better for us and the planet.

One last example of how our consciousness sometimes feeds what we do not want is by keeping our attention focused on a memory on something we did not want. Every time you put your attention on something you do not want, you take a step closer to this becoming a reality. Be careful what you create. You nay create what you do not want.

Here is the website on ridding all the stuff in your mind, that may be limiting your mind or attaching unconscious stuff to this issue

© November 2013 Dan Amato

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