Humanity The Owner’s Manual Chapter Four

The Shell Games that Politicians and Physicians Play With the Public.

We begin life by being born into, and growing up in a “culture of violence” so we never notice all the ways this culture of violence influences, and even infects us. Even though, we don’t experience violence every day, we hear about it daily, so we begin to perceive it as a normal part of life. We don’t know, when we might become a victim of the violence that happens around us. It enters our minds before we reach the Age of Reason, so it is stored unconsciously.

If we add to the issues that promote violence like spanking, sexual abuse, and add to the mix other forms of violence like mental, physical, and even the subtler forms of emotional, spiritual and financial violence we will understand how contaminated with violence the cultures of this planet are. This does not even include the violence that we dismiss. President Bush declared War on the whole Muslim Culture, even though it was only a few fanatics were responsible for causing the violence. These fanatics gave him the excuse to do violence to the Islamic culture.

There is the also the violence that is excused by our judges and defense lawyers that intend to allow men to escape the responsibility of the rape they commit. The defense lawyers and judges allow the victims to be blamed for the perpetrator’s impotence of will power, due to the way the victim was dressed. If this is really true why then are not criminals allowed to use the defense that all that money in the bank tempted them to rob it. Oh that’s right, I forgot male criminals have more rights than women!

Part of the problem is our acceptance of violence as being normal. Since we come to view violence as a normal fact of life we do not look for the true causes of violence, so we do not insist politicians eliminate them. Instead, we are seduced by the shortcuts politicians use to deal with all problems. Of course, Politicians have learned to use a sort of slight-of-hand to make problems “seem” to disappear, quickly. The limitation of fixing the symptoms of a problem is, that it does not have any real effect on the causes of the problem, so it keeps growing. It is like cleaning up the water from a leak without fixing the leak. The water will end on the floor again, and again. Those in power have fooled us into believing that dealing with the symptoms of a problem addresses the problem. It doesn’t. It only submerges the symptoms. True, submerging the symptoms of a problem does seem to make it seem to disappear, but it only covers overs the problem. This means the problem will return in some similar form. This is the reason why politicians have to address the same problems again and again during every subsequent election.

It is because we perceive violence as normal that we surrender to it as inevitable. When you see something as inevitable, you no longer try to stop it, you just do the best you can to protect yourself from it. It’s the reason we stand still for them using the same tactics that didn’t work the first hundred tries. Violence is not inevitable. If our politicians have not addressed one of the causes of a problem, they only managed to sweep the problem under the rug. If you are awake you comprehend that politicians have been dealing with the same problems over and over for decades. Yet, you do do not get angry and throw these politicians out of office. This is because you are tricked by their political slight-of-hand that makes it seem that they are working on the problem. You can get a better idea of the difficulty voters face if you watch how physicians use the same slight-of-hand when they deal with the common cold. Medicine still does not have a cure for the common cold, so the only way they can affect a cold is by covering its symptoms. In fact, they base how effective a cold remedy is by how well it submerges, or covers the symptoms.

If you submerge the symptoms, people are satisfied since the discomfort is gone, but this leaves the problem intact. What fools the voters, is by treating the symptoms of a problem, it masks the problem. This is why the problem keeps floating to the surface, and needs to be treated again over, and over.
You cannot really eliminate a problem until you choose to deal with one of its causes. Eliminating a symptom has absolutely no effect on the cause of a problem, so any benefit you you receive from eliminating any of the symptoms, are short-lived. You cannot eliminate a problem unless you eliminate one or more of its causes. If you only eliminate a symptom, this means the problem is free to return again, and again. It may appear to be a new problem, but in reality it is simply the same problem re-surfacing again just differently. Addressing a symptom simply suppresses the the evidence that a disease is still present. Both physicians and politicians have played this shell game and fleeced the public for centuries. Admittedly, it is harder to become aware of this slight-of-hand with physicians. There is so much other stuff present that does not allow the public to see the evidence of the medical cover up clearly. Things like side effects, and the patient’s beliefs in the effectiveness of a medicine affect the outcome.

What a patient believes, is clouded by the studies done by pharmaceutical companies. This is because the influence of the brain is powerful, that placebos are more effective than previously thought. The public is not informed about this, so they are mislead by scientific evidence, which may be the purpose of studies. It has been shown that studies show that placebo is only[ effective 1/3 of the time. On it says,”Even though placebos are not active medicines, they seem to have an effect in about 1 out of 3 patients.”Since this is shown in many pharmaceutical studies, why do not physicians use this “placebo effect” to make, what the do more effective?

I am not interested in putting down politicians, or physicians. I am only interested in bringing to light the flaws that have become built into both professions, making them continuously inadequate for the work they do. Since they are inadequate, both professions have to continue to apply new band aids to keep people from seeing that the current solution is ineffective. In medicine, when a prescription stops being effective physicians simply increase the dose they give. They will pursue this reasoning, increasing the dose each time, even though it was ineffective the first time. They will only stop when side effects become too strong. Then they will just switch to Stronger medicines, where the side effect are even more powerful. Sadly, side effects are not enough to clue physicians in that the body is not benefiting from the medicine, and may even be fighting it

The problem only appears to be different because repressing a symptom will temporarily eliminate it, so the problem seems to be gone, but it is only covered over. It is like painting over a rust rust spot, which will make it seem to disappear for days, even weeks, only to return later when the rust eventually bleeds through. If you look at a couple of examples of the ineffectiveness of dealing with problems by addressing their symptoms, you will notice how we have been continually deceived by those in power. Society is tricked by physicians, and by politicians, both which have invested their professions in treating symptoms. These oversights are allowed because politicians and politicians believe it is acceptable to force the body into health, they do not trust the body to heal itself so they must intervene to help. To help they must have power over

Over time the real problem continues to slowly grow. This only becomes clear when you observe how physicians, and politicians benefit from addressing symptoms as opposed to addressing causes. In both cases, there is the advantage that they appear to be doing something, and they can collect money for their efforts,whether it is a salary, or a fee for services. It also has the advantage that you can use different variations of the same solutions as a way to disguise the fact that dealing with the symptoms never actually dealt with the cause of the problem.

Addressing symptoms only appears to fix the problem. This satisfies the public that physicians, and politicians are making the attempt to fix the problem. A good analogy would be trying to fix a leak by replacing the water lost from the leak. You can do this for a while because you have dealt with the symptom of the leak. Eventually, the leak will erode the soil, and cause increasingly larger problem, which costs more and more money to repair. The problem is that people trust those in power so they do not notice that the erosion is simply a continuation of the previous problem. People have begun to notice that politicians use the same two or three solutions to deal with a problem rotating through them again and again. To give you a clearer example, watch how politicians use the same solutions over and over to demonstrate they are addressing the problem of Law and Order. First, they will convince the public that they have simply been too lax on criminals, and if they were tougher on crime, if they made punishments tougher crime would cease because no one would be willing to pay the price. What they do is utilize an accomplice, someone who has a vested interest in things continuing in the status quo. We want to trust them, but both of these professions have lied to us! It no longer matters if it was conscious or not, the results exist anyways. It is time to look for the causes, so we can finally address the causes, and start making true progress

© 2013 Dan Amato

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