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Humanity The Owners Manual – Chapter One

I had to temporarily let go of my need to finish writing my book on Peace, the one that I’ve been working on for over twenty five years. I was guided that the posts that follow would be more important, … Continue reading

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Renovation of: Building a Legacy of Peace Blog Site

Despite the fact that human cultures have been laced with violence for centuries, we have not yet figured out that we keep feeding the existence of violence with our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. We see, and experience our culture of … Continue reading

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Giving Children What They Need to Create a World of Peace

I am choosing this as my first new post because it demonstrates why it will be our children that lead us to find Peace. It shows us why we as adults lack the one requirement we need to learn Peace. … Continue reading

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Putting the Heart Back into Business

Years ago, businesses leaders understood that there was a flow and a balance to the economy, and if a company benefited financially they gave something back to society to balance the flow. Over time some men came to value profit … Continue reading

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The Power of Love to Heal

Though the horrors of war destroy many lives, a mothers Love can resurrect a child’s heart. Once the heart is open, healing can take place. Emmanuel’s mom healed him and his brother with her Love. Her Love allowed Emmanuel to … Continue reading

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How politician’s solutions create new problems instead of solving the of the ones we have

Political solutions rarely correct problems. Since these political solutions only address symptoms they inevitably fail. Treating symptoms only postpones problem resolution, and guarantees that problems will grow and multiply over time. This is a blind spot for many politicians, and … Continue reading

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Some Different Ideas on Bullying

Bullies can feel the vulnerability of their victims. This vulnerability may be the main reason they targeted them; they seem easy prey. The victims try to cope by shrinking, or trying to disappear. Bullies try to cope by seeking control … Continue reading

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Who among the rest of us do they want to cure next?

It is scary how much some people want gays to be gone, but the real problem is with the people that need them to be gone in order to be happy. This is based on the faulty premise that if … Continue reading

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Remembering The Sacrifice All Our Warriors Make In War

Revised: 6/11/12 Every year we devote one day to honor those that have given their lives to protect us and keep us safe. This post is to honor all the men and women that gave their lives for us. The … Continue reading

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Finding your Power Again

Finding your Power Again How Blame Obscures Your Perception And Gives Your Power Away As humans, we quickly learn to place blame. Children do it to try to escape punishment, but by the time we are adults blame has become … Continue reading

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