Humanity The Owner’s Manual Chapter Four

The Shell Games that Politicians and Physicians Play With the Public.

We begin life by being born into, and growing up in a “culture of violence” so we never notice all the ways this culture of violence influences, and even infects us. Even though, we don’t experience violence every day, we hear about it daily, so we begin to perceive it as a normal part of life. We don’t know, when we might become a victim of the violence that happens around us. It enters our minds before we reach the Age of Reason, so it is stored unconsciously.

If we add to the issues that promote violence like spanking, sexual abuse, and add to the mix other forms of violence like mental, physical, and even the subtler forms of emotional, spiritual and financial violence we will understand how contaminated with violence the cultures of this planet are. This does not even include the violence that we dismiss. President Bush declared War on the whole Muslim Culture, even though it was only a few fanatics were responsible for causing the violence. These fanatics gave him the excuse to do violence to the Islamic culture.

There is the also the violence that is excused by our judges and defense lawyers that intend to allow men to escape the responsibility of the rape they commit. The defense lawyers and judges allow the victims to be blamed for the perpetrator’s impotence of will power, due to the way the victim was dressed. If this is really true why then are not criminals allowed to use the defense that all that money in the bank tempted them to rob it. Oh that’s right, I forgot male criminals have more rights than women!

Part of the problem is our acceptance of violence as being normal. Since we come to view violence as a normal fact of life we do not look for the true causes of violence, so we do not insist politicians eliminate them. Instead, we are seduced by the shortcuts politicians use to deal with all problems. Of course, Politicians have learned to use a sort of slight-of-hand to make problems “seem” to disappear, quickly. The limitation of fixing the symptoms of a problem is, that it does not have any real effect on the causes of the problem, so it keeps growing. It is like cleaning up the water from a leak without fixing the leak. The water will end on the floor again, and again. Those in power have fooled us into believing that dealing with the symptoms of a problem addresses the problem. It doesn’t. It only submerges the symptoms. True, submerging the symptoms of a problem does seem to make it seem to disappear, but it only covers overs the problem. This means the problem will return in some similar form. This is the reason why politicians have to address the same problems again and again during every subsequent election.

It is because we perceive violence as normal that we surrender to it as inevitable. When you see something as inevitable, you no longer try to stop it, you just do the best you can to protect yourself from it. It’s the reason we stand still for them using the same tactics that didn’t work the first hundred tries. Violence is not inevitable. If our politicians have not addressed one of the causes of a problem, they only managed to sweep the problem under the rug. If you are awake you comprehend that politicians have been dealing with the same problems over and over for decades. Yet, you do do not get angry and throw these politicians out of office. This is because you are tricked by their political slight-of-hand that makes it seem that they are working on the problem. You can get a better idea of the difficulty voters face if you watch how physicians use the same slight-of-hand when they deal with the common cold. Medicine still does not have a cure for the common cold, so the only way they can affect a cold is by covering its symptoms. In fact, they base how effective a cold remedy is by how well it submerges, or covers the symptoms.

If you submerge the symptoms, people are satisfied since the discomfort is gone, but this leaves the problem intact. What fools the voters, is by treating the symptoms of a problem, it masks the problem. This is why the problem keeps floating to the surface, and needs to be treated again over, and over.
You cannot really eliminate a problem until you choose to deal with one of its causes. Eliminating a symptom has absolutely no effect on the cause of a problem, so any benefit you you receive from eliminating any of the symptoms, are short-lived. You cannot eliminate a problem unless you eliminate one or more of its causes. If you only eliminate a symptom, this means the problem is free to return again, and again. It may appear to be a new problem, but in reality it is simply the same problem re-surfacing again just differently. Addressing a symptom simply suppresses the the evidence that a disease is still present. Both physicians and politicians have played this shell game and fleeced the public for centuries. Admittedly, it is harder to become aware of this slight-of-hand with physicians. There is so much other stuff present that does not allow the public to see the evidence of the medical cover up clearly. Things like side effects, and the patient’s beliefs in the effectiveness of a medicine affect the outcome.

What a patient believes, is clouded by the studies done by pharmaceutical companies. This is because the influence of the brain is powerful, that placebos are more effective than previously thought. The public is not informed about this, so they are mislead by scientific evidence, which may be the purpose of studies. It has been shown that studies show that placebo is only[ effective 1/3 of the time. On it says,”Even though placebos are not active medicines, they seem to have an effect in about 1 out of 3 patients.”Since this is shown in many pharmaceutical studies, why do not physicians use this “placebo effect” to make, what the do more effective?

I am not interested in putting down politicians, or physicians. I am only interested in bringing to light the flaws that have become built into both professions, making them continuously inadequate for the work they do. Since they are inadequate, both professions have to continue to apply new band aids to keep people from seeing that the current solution is ineffective. In medicine, when a prescription stops being effective physicians simply increase the dose they give. They will pursue this reasoning, increasing the dose each time, even though it was ineffective the first time. They will only stop when side effects become too strong. Then they will just switch to Stronger medicines, where the side effect are even more powerful. Sadly, side effects are not enough to clue physicians in that the body is not benefiting from the medicine, and may even be fighting it

The problem only appears to be different because repressing a symptom will temporarily eliminate it, so the problem seems to be gone, but it is only covered over. It is like painting over a rust rust spot, which will make it seem to disappear for days, even weeks, only to return later when the rust eventually bleeds through. If you look at a couple of examples of the ineffectiveness of dealing with problems by addressing their symptoms, you will notice how we have been continually deceived by those in power. Society is tricked by physicians, and by politicians, both which have invested their professions in treating symptoms. These oversights are allowed because politicians and politicians believe it is acceptable to force the body into health, they do not trust the body to heal itself so they must intervene to help. To help they must have power over

Over time the real problem continues to slowly grow. This only becomes clear when you observe how physicians, and politicians benefit from addressing symptoms as opposed to addressing causes. In both cases, there is the advantage that they appear to be doing something, and they can collect money for their efforts,whether it is a salary, or a fee for services. It also has the advantage that you can use different variations of the same solutions as a way to disguise the fact that dealing with the symptoms never actually dealt with the cause of the problem.

Addressing symptoms only appears to fix the problem. This satisfies the public that physicians, and politicians are making the attempt to fix the problem. A good analogy would be trying to fix a leak by replacing the water lost from the leak. You can do this for a while because you have dealt with the symptom of the leak. Eventually, the leak will erode the soil, and cause increasingly larger problem, which costs more and more money to repair. The problem is that people trust those in power so they do not notice that the erosion is simply a continuation of the previous problem. People have begun to notice that politicians use the same two or three solutions to deal with a problem rotating through them again and again. To give you a clearer example, watch how politicians use the same solutions over and over to demonstrate they are addressing the problem of Law and Order. First, they will convince the public that they have simply been too lax on criminals, and if they were tougher on crime, if they made punishments tougher crime would cease because no one would be willing to pay the price. What they do is utilize an accomplice, someone who has a vested interest in things continuing in the status quo. We want to trust them, but both of these professions have lied to us! It no longer matters if it was conscious or not, the results exist anyways. It is time to look for the causes, so we can finally address the causes, and start making true progress

© 2013 Dan Amato

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Humanity The Owner’s Manual Chapter Three

Born into a Culture Violence: The Opposite of Rose Colored Glasses

We are born into, and grow up in a culture of violence. We are like crops planted in toxic soil that cannot help, but absorb the toxins in which we grow. We do not think about it, but the vision of every Human is tinted by what resides in their consciousness, in this case violence. What we carry in our consciousness, affects what we see in the world around us. This is why we may all observe the same things, but based on what resides in our consciousness, we perceive, and so experience very different things than others. This is how free will works. This is how we each get what we choose no matter how different it is. Since we grow up in a culture of violence, it throws an additional shadow over our perceptions, which is then integrated into what we see. Hearing about violence, and experiencing violence both affect our consciousness in different ways, and to different degrees. The problem is ills every part of human existence from birth to death, we learn to tolerate it’s existence.

Here are just some examples (Not a complete list) of how violence has permeated our culture, and has been thoroughly integrated into it. It may be changing, but for many years, when children were born, the process regularly involved pain. I’m not just talking about the pain of birth itself, but the additional pain of being hit hard on the butt to stimulate the child to wakefulness. Physicians do this to improve the child’s transition into our world, while increasing the infant’s awareness of their surroundings. It is interesting to note that with all the huge breakthroughs in medicine the past century, the best way physicians could come up with to stimulate an already vulnerable infant, was to hit them on the butt to create pain, hoping it would cause the infant to breathe deeper. Of course in the past, many physicians dismissed any pain infants might feel in the birth process because they were in denial that the infant’s nervous system was mature enough to feel pain. I say they were in denial of the pain they caused infants because for years they have made excuses like infants can’t feel the pain, or if they do, they won’t remember it. More recent research shows that pain deeply affects infants. In fact, studies have also showed that pain may decrease the bonding between mother and child. Some have even speculated that things like violence, aggression, self destructive behavior, and even suicide may be attributable to the long term effects of untreated pain in infants. If that is true then we are exposing infants to violence before the age of reason, which forces them to process it in the unconscious mind. As it becomes ingrained in their unconscious mind, it becomes part of the way they view the world around them.

I’m sorry. There are so many studies that demonstrate how unconscious doctors have been of the pain they cause to infants, and children, that it really upsets me. Getting back on track about what happens when a child feels pain. It makes sense that since the pain of childbirth occurs before infants reach the age of reason, so the child does not yet have the ability to process pain, or trauma consciously. The result is the body has to store the experience until the mind is capable of dealing with the pain, and trauma. The body is equipped with such a storage place called the unconscious mind. This is where the trauma gets stored, sometimes for many years, until the mind advances enough in understanding to be able to process the trauma. It is helpful to understand that the mind does not not just process the experience of the trauma, but also any judgments or inner programming the mind associates with the experience, even if they occur at a later date. If the mind is unable to process an experience at that time it happens, it will wait until it’s understanding is capable of processing the stored trauma. Since we have been taught, indirectly, to avoid our emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones we store them in the unconscious mind, where we can still access them later, to clear, and process them. This becomes a problem because we learn, over time, to avoid emotions that make us feel uncomfortable. Let’s face it, no one likes to feel uncomfortable, let alone process something that causes discomfort. It is not taught to us that the only purpose of emotions is to give us feedback about how we feel about what has happened.

Because we may not see these children again until they are adults, after the trauma has continued percolating in them for many years, we do not make the connection that the whole time they were young this trauma has continued to deepen. A child’s first experience of violence casts a shadow over the child’s entire existence, so it affects them for the rest of their lives. However, there is one ray of hope in healing our children. The mind is tremendously malleable, so with the proper help, we can still help children to integrate their old experiences in a more beneficial way by helping them to change their perceptions of what occurred with a new perception. Just to demonstrate how complicated being exposed to a society contaminated with violence can be. The fact that the infant is biologically, and emotionally connected to its mother during childbirth adds another layer of trauma to the infant’s experience, which is not acknowledged. This physical connection means that the infant experiences all that it’s mother does during the birthing process, even her fears, pain, and any numbness she feels from the drugs she is given. Since physicians are not really able to treat pain, other than covering over it with their medicines. This means that even if the medicine does not directly hurt the infant, it can still affect them, and cause them problems. For instance, does the pain medicine the physician prescribed for the mother reduce the infant’s ability to receive the necessary stimuli to assist when the mom has a contraction?

The effects of the drugs are never studied on the infant, as long as they do not have adverse reactions, but I’m sure the infant must play some small part in it’s own birth. There has to be some small way in which the infant assists in its own birth. I mean nature does not leave things like this to chance. If the mother has weakness for any reason, a little assistance from the infant would go a long way towards to helping the mom in the delivery. Might this be the true reason why birth-times seem to have increased over the years? Of course, the pain the mother feels during birth is seen by physicians as normal, and since the physician’s expertise is in covering symptoms, he simply covers over the mother’s pain. I do not have the right, nor the inclination to say what childbirth should be like. I only point out that for centuries physicians hijacked control of birth away from women. Physicians waited sufficiently long enough until medicine had become advanced, and complicated enough where they could claim expertise over the birthing process with a knowledge they did not make available to women for many years. This is indeed sad because women have always had the built in advantage of of experience, something the men could never match, because of the simple fact that men do not give birth. Still with their medical knowledge, physicians became the self proclaimed child birth experts, supplanting women as the experts. Luckily for women. they have been taking a more hands on approach to childbirth, so there are new ways coming to the surface of positively affecting child birth. At the end of this article, I will add a couple of articles to give women options that they can investigate on their own.

Sadly, this is just the beginning of a child’s lifetime exposure to our culture of violence. The next act of violence children experience is one parents allow societal pressure to push them into allowing: Circumcision. In the cases of both boys and girls, circumcision requires the performance of unnecessary surgeries. This should alert you that it is not part of The Creator’s design no matter what reason is given. I won’t go into this topic any deeper except to say, that there can never be a good reason for mutilating a child! There are unfortunately large numbers of people that believe the adage,” Spare the rod and spoil the child.”As if a Loving Creator would ever say this, it sounds more like it was said by a religious leader that hated children. This is very unlike The Creator, who Loved children.

If you believe that humans are innately violent perhaps you should know that in spite of how little the amount of violence that humans are exposed to,in their life, we are ill equipped to deal with it. You can see this in how violence affects humans. This is partially repressed by the fact we are taught to “just get over it,” or even worse we are expected to do the impossible, forget it (Read ignore it)! We are told to leave it behind, but the short-sightedness of this is, you can’t leave something behind, if you continue to carry it with you. This is the the thing that keeps us mired in our emotions. If you understand that the only purpose of emotions is to feel them, you can comprehend that emotions are simply a form of energy that is released through expression. This should hint to us that we cannot successfully suppress something that was meant to be expressed. No one told us that if we do not express our emotions we can get blocked emotionally. We are taught to avoid our emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones, so we never get to observe the ”Genius” behind what happens when we feel our emotions. When we fully embrace an emotion, a curious thing happens, the emotion first lightens, then evaporates leaving behind only what we learned. This shows us that we have been lied to about emotions. We are taught to stuff our emotions to avoid their discomfort, but anyone that has done this will tell you its a lie. The emotional pain is still present, and over the years it can even become rancid causing us to be sick emotionally, or physically.

As I have said, we do not deal with violence very well, and I believe PTSD is proof that we are Not s suited to endure violence. All you have to do is watch any one that has been to war. Every one that does make it back, comes back changed. Even the ones that seem okay are changed. Most of the spouses will tell you that their spouses come home a changed person. I won’t go into all the changes, just the obvious example. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the price most humans pay for going to war, but their families pay it too. In fact to swallow the experience of war you could say, “A Spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.” Of course it remains hard to swallow because it doesn’t “agree with us.” In fact those that go to war, irregardless of the side they are on are affected by the violence so much that they carry it around in them for the remainder of their life. It saddens me that politicians are willing to expose the young men and women to the lifelong toxic effects of war. This never-ending cost of war is never entered into the the tally, because if citizens knew that the violence of war continued to damage their Loved-ones for decades after they returned, they would ever agree to war

The spoonful of sugar our politicians use to sweeten the terrible taste of violence, allowing them to shove it down the throats of the young men and women in our military and their families are simple, but powerful concepts. Our leaders have managed to weave our soldiers, and Loved ones into the very essence of these words, which is why when these words are used on us they touch us so deeply. Words like: duty, bravery, sacrifice, loyalty are often used to help promote other things. Other words like “Enemy”, and “Just cause” are often used as an excuse to do dark things and pretend that anything you do is okay, if you doing it for the right side, “yours.” The Truth is we do not so much have reasons to do violence as living in this culture of violence has conditioned us to see violence as a way to get what we want, so we use violence to get power. Is it really such a surprise that our governments use the same tactics to have power over others or us? You could make the argument over which happened first,
but probably both happened together simultaneously. When the soil becomes fertile for a crop, that crop will grow almost effortlessly. Since our culture of violence has seeded our soil continuously for the next crop of violence, it will keep growing until we are willing to cut it down completely, and grow something better for us and the planet.

One last example of how our consciousness sometimes feeds what we do not want is by keeping our attention focused on a memory on something we did not want. Every time you put your attention on something you do not want, you take a step closer to this becoming a reality. Be careful what you create. You nay create what you do not want.

Here is the website on ridding all the stuff in your mind, that may be limiting your mind or attaching unconscious stuff to this issue

© November 2013 Dan Amato

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Humanity The owners Manual Chapter Two

Embracing Your True Power

Over the past several centuries, Humans have been led away from the power within them and taught to look outside of them to find power. We spend our time looking for power because we feel the loss of something we are supposed to have. Since The Creator instilled power into us in our creation, we can sense something is missing. Unfortunately, society, and those in power mislead us about our true power because they would rather us struggle for something they can control. Over the years they, and we have come to equate power with control. The way we have been taught to gain control is by having “power over”others. “Power over” is not the same as the inner power The Creator instilled in us, when He created us. We are taught that control is power, and we see examples everywhere. You can have control by threatening to use force,or violence which involves intimidating others with your greater power. If you can intimidate others, fear controls them. Often violence is used as the force for intimidation. You can even gain control from a credible threat of violence, which also creates intimidation, but imitation, and even control is just pseudo- power.

Over the years, humans have become accustomed to the idea of control as having power. We see examples of it happening daily in the world around us. We see parents exerting “power over” children, instead of guiding them as parents were meant to do. We see employers exerting “power over” employees. There are endless examples. In every relationship we can watch both sides fighting endlessly to gain power, or to maintain power once they get it. Because both sides are only interested in power, they never discover that cooperation works so much better than having “power over.” We are not aware enough to notice all the energy we waste on the constant back and forth battle to achieve “power over” the other. It is more effective to share power instead. If we work together towards a common goal we realize that cooperation works better. When we work together, the choice then becomes clearer. Everyone can win. The only thing in the way is those in power will not give up their power.

“Power over” is a system that is flawed, and you do not try to fix a broken system because any improvement you make only addresses the symptoms of what’s wrong, not the cause. You can fix a symptom every week, and not affect any permanent change. We need to look at the deeper truth about humans. What is true is that we were created with power, a gift we inherited from our Father. Not from not our earthly father, but from our Spiritual Father-The Creator. We are told that we are made in the image of The Creator, but no one ever tells us the deeper significance of this. Obviously, we are not made in His Physical image, or we would all look the same. If we remember that our body is merely the vessel that contains our Spirit, then we understand it is our Spirit that was made in The Creator’s image. This means, that just as we inherit our physical father’s traits, we also inherit traits from our Spiritual Father as well, just Spiritual ones. We were created with “free will,” which means we get to choose, and even control what we create in our lives. If we didn’t get to choose, it wouldn’t really be Free will.

The problem is no one ever teaches us how free will works. We are told we create with our thoughts, but not how it works. Of course, since our mind’s attention changes focus from moment to moment, we need a way to pin down what we want to create first, before we create it other wise what we create would change with every thought. To keep us from creating something accidentally The Creator added a second step to our internal creative process. You can think of focused attention as the glue that makes our thoughts stick. This is why our power to create is woven into our attention. We can quickly add our attention to a thought we want to stick. A problem can arise here if people don’t understand how the system works. If we focus on a thought too long, we can create something we don”t like, by mistake. This simple mistake happens if we prolong our focus for too long. If we spend too much time thinking about something that happened to us, or think of it too often, we end up creating what we do not want.

We do not understand that by keeping our attention on something for too long, we create it. It’s simple, we get more of whatever we keep our attention on. This is why when we are in a bad mood we tend to attract more of it, or if we are complaining, we tend to find more to complain about. No one has to sabotage us. By keeping our attention on what we do not want we misuse our power, and sabotage ourselves. If you want to create a better life, you will have to keep your attention on better things. Since I have understood out that Spirit would not leave us stranded on this planet without some way to give us feedback, lets talk about how we receive this feedback from The Creator. Remember, we are made in the image of The Creator, so our Spirit has the clearest pathway to communicate to us. This signal must be more noticeable, so it has to have the capability to make itself known: over thinking, and talking, and not be misunderstood, or misinterpreted. The is only one channel of communication that qualifies for this non-physical communication from Spirit-feeling. This way whatever you felt would be clear no matter what language you spoke. This way the guidance would get through clearly for everybody.

The Creator has to be able to understand everyone He has created. This is not a problem because The Creator IS SPIRIT so He exists beyond language. He has no need of it. He communicates to us directly. He communicates with us in subtle ways because while He wants us to receive His guidance He doesn’t want us to feel He’s looking over our shoulder. He doesn’t to inhibit our free will. Imagine how restrictive it would feel to have your Father constantly looking over your shoulder.

The clearest and best way for The Creator to communicate with us is through feeling because then it does not matter what language you speak. When you are angry, the word for anger may be different in your language, but there will be no doubt to what you are feeling. In fact, anyone who looks at your face will see what you are feeling. You can be angry in every language, but it always looks the same. This is why The Creator uses feeling to communicate with us, because there is no possibility of misunderstanding what you feel. This direct channel of communication has two branches: the first branch is emotion. We misunderstand emotion, so lets make it clear, the only purpose of emotion is to “Feel.” When we “feel” something completely, it begins to dissipate, and gets lighter until it disappears. As we feel, we get the feed back of how something affects us. That is the purpose of emotions, to understand, express and release what we feel. We get in trouble when we forget this.

The problem that hampers the expression of our emotions, is our judgment of our negative emotions as bad. This is because they feel uncomfortable so we do not like feeling them. When something feels uncomfortable humans have the tendency to avoid it. Another problem with emotions is they are a form of emotional energy, and in order to release this emotional energy it must be expressed. When we do not express an emotion, the body has no choice but to store the emotion. Emotions are meant to be released, so when it is stored instead, it can becomes toxic to the physical body, which causes symptoms. Since the origin of these symptoms is emotional, medications are not able address the problem. In fact, it is the reason why many medicines do not work. You can’t heal an emotion with drugs because the only thing wrong is, the emotion needs to be felt, and then released. We could probably heal ½, or more, of all diseases if we helped people to feel and release their emotions rather than cover, or repress the symptoms with medications. Besides medicines do not cure, they repress the symptoms. This way you live with a disease the rest of your life. Quite a racket isn’t it ? What Doctors call medicine is actually a simple repression of symptoms. This works so well for the pharmaceutical companies because they have a customer for life. Then when you develop new side effects, they get to sell you more medicine for that. Instead of being upset, you are grateful for them getting rid of the side effects that their medicine caused. You spend the rest of your life on this pharmaceutical train that goes in circles, making stops for every new side effect.

If you take a closer look at medicine you will notice that Physicians tend to avoid dealing with our emotions as much as we do. In fact they even tell us that having an emotional connection with patients interferes with the patient’s healing. This is an interesting assertion because mothers take care of their family all the time, and I have never heard of a case of a mother’s Love interfering with her child healing from being sick. Physicians are so uncomfortable with emotions they have to find a way to silence ours too. It is why Physicians repress our symptoms instead of addressing the cause. If they addressed the cause, the problem would go away, and you wouldn’t need to see them again for a while, and that would decrease business. Repressing our symptoms allows Physicians to be comfortable treating us. The pharmaceutical industry has given birth to multiple solutions that repress our symptoms. This partnership works well for both the pharmaceutical companies, and the physicians; both get rich from this collaboration.

Sorry, I have become distracted from the topic of our guidance from, and our connection to The Creator. This is very important! As I said the feeling channel is composed of two branches. We tend to lump the second one together with the first because we do not understand the difference between emotion and feeling. We label these other messages as intuition, but we ignore them because we are not aware that they originate from our nonphysical connection to The Creator. This is why these messages are transmitted through feelings. Spirit has no need for language or words. We would pay better attention if we understood these messages were delivered from the Creator to the nonphysical part of us. If we knew the message is from us, the higher part of us, we would pay attention to this guidance. Since is not obvious from where it originates, we do not tend to pay attention as much.

I have thought about this a lot over the past couple of years, and I have come to the conclusion that The Creator would at least have to be as good as the best human parent. With this in mind I came to the conclusion, that like the best parent, The Creator would want to guide us on our journey while we were here, to insure our loving connection with our Father, so we would return to His Loving Presence. Those that pretend to represent our Creator, actually have a fairly low opinion of Him and us. We are led by them consistently to believe that we are not worthy of a direct connection with our own Father. No wonder we do not think very highly of ourselves. This feeling is reinforced by our religious leaders who tell us we were born with “original sin.” No wonder that even though we were created from Our Father’s Divine essence, we are stuck feeling unworthy. It is a pity that our religious leaders are willing to believe our Creator is so petty, that He would punish generations of us for a sin committed by an ancient ancestor. We are led to believe that though He has held a grudge against humanity for an eternity, and seems more like the poorest example of a human, he can be trusted to forgive us for our sins. We feel so unworthy that we accept all the negative things we are told. We do not notice that the religious leaders have demoted Our Father from The Loving Creator Jesus told us about to a Creator ripe with human faults. They say He is a jealous Creator who will punish us for our mistakes for an eternity. Burning us for eternity for the mistakes we didn’t even make hardly seems the act of a Loving Creator.

If you see The Creator as a Good parent, then you will understand that as an Omnipotent Father, He will understand that we make mistakes, maybe even many of them, and they are a natural part of the learning process. It makes sense that He will forgive us for all our mistakes. As I said, the second branch of communication from Spirit is intuition. This is why we can feel what the right decision is, but not explain why its the correct decision. The mind does not have access to the deeper wisdom of the Spirit so it does not know why it is the right decision, but it can feel it is. The problem we face with our intuition is we have Not been taught that the Creator communicates with us, so we do not pay attention to the feedback we receive from Him. We are taught that Logic is supreme, so we try to figure it out in our mind, but our mind cannot know why it feels right, only that it does. When the mind ignores the information it has received, it will say, “ I knew I should have,” or “I knew I shouldn’t have.” Because people do not suspect The Creator has sent us a message guiding us to the correct decision, they just shrug their shoulders. If we understood that Spirit was always guiding us, we would notice that Spirit puts strategic things in our path to guide us to the next step on our path. Learn to pay attention to your guidance. Spirit can help you find your path, and let you know the next step you need to take.

Since I was little, I have wondered why the Creator did not leave some manual to guide us back to Him? As I got older, especially in the past year I have realized that Spirit did leave us a manual to guide us, but that He couldn’t leave it in a book because there is too much temptation for those in power to use it to gain power over others by changing, or altering its meaning. This leaves only one place that Spirit could leave this information to keep it safe from alteration. He left it in each of us. That way no matter who was in power, or where you lived, or who had power over you, you could always access His guidance within you. This way it would be available to all of us whenever we needed to consult it. Since The Creator exists as a Spirit He has no need to speak every language because he can speak directly to every heart. If you think about this, feeling is the perfect way to communicate with us. Whatever your native language is, your emotions never need to be translated.

There is a reason why The Creator’s nature was hidden from us. Those that said they represented Him did not want us to know that The Creator loved us unconditionally so, they hid it from us by telling us That The Creator is an angry Creator, He is a Jealous Creator, and he judges us for our mis-steps. He punishes us by sending us to a terrible place where we spend the rest of eternity burning for those mistakes. Call me silly, but that doesn’t have any resemblance to an All Loving Creator, does it?

In short, The Creator made our spiritual leaders in His image, do they returned the favor, and re-made Him in theirs. After all, who would really obey a Creator that Loved Us so unconditionally, that He let us make as many mistakes as were necessary to learn. I think our religious leaders manufactured their own idea of The Creator. They grew up as most Humans do in a ”culture of violence” so they felt that unless they constructed a supreme being who punished us who would obey? I mean the idea of a Creator who would punish us for eternity, was scary! I think they thought that Love was not reason enough to be good to others. It’s too bad our religious leaders never understand the depth of their misunderstanding of Our Creator. He didn’t want power over us. He wouldn’t have given us free will, if He wanted control over us. He wanted us to be free to choose. Of course, those in power would have a difficult time keeping power over us if we knew The Creator is not interested in punishing us, which is perhaps why they did not believe The Creator was all knowing. They did not realize is the reason The Creator put Karma into place was so we can learn from our mistakes as we go through each lifetime. If we learn from our mistakes then there is no need for our Heavenly Father to punish us. Then He is free to Love us instead, which is why He created us. To have a heart as large as The Creator’s, you would need to constantly send that Love somewhere, and what better place to send it to than all those He Created? The Creator created this huge universe for us to play in, so would always have new opportunities to experience. Now is there any doubt that your Creator Loves you Unconditionally?

© October 2013 Dan Amato

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Humanity The Owners Manual – Chapter One

I had to temporarily let go of my need to finish writing my book on Peace, the one that I’ve been working on for over twenty five years. I was guided that the posts that follow would be more important, and beneficial for anyone desiring a deeper understanding of being Human. This clarity can help us to steer clear of all the mis-information that our society presents as facts. These “facts” can actually prevent us from being “fully human.” What amazes me is that possibly the biggest con-job ever, has gone unnoticed for centuries? Talk about hiding in plain sight! This deception on emotions has even fooled me for the last 50years. It finally gave me the insight to see through the subterfuge, to the heart of the matter. I share what I have learned on my journey to clarity with you. This is why I chose to make this post the first one of this series.

The major thing that stands in the way of humans healing after traumatic events, is our tendency to repress our emotions, specifically traumas. Now don’t get me wrong, represssion does have it’s place when used correctly. The up side of repression, is the mind has the capacity to set our traumatic emotions aside to survive what could have easily overwhelmed us. When we are older, we grow into the tools we require to face our traumas. With age we develop a deeper understanding of the world. This emotional maturity helps us face and eventually conquer the traumas we have experienced. I believe you will understand when I say that there are things you are better equipped to deal with as an adult, than you would have been as a child. As an adult, new understandings shed their light on previous traumas.

This brings us to the down side to repression, emotions remain unreleased, and stuck in the body. The law of the conservation of energy explains this: It states that energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. Since repression of emotions does Not Destroy energy, I think I can safely surmise that these emotions remain stored in the body instead. Repression of emotions can trick us, with mirrors, and slight of hand making our emotions seem to disappear, but this is just an illusion. Like magic tricks, emotions use distractions to obscure, and hide from us. I spent many years finding a better connection to my emotions. When I succeeded, at first I thought I had made a mistake because I would find myself crying over some silly commercial. While this made me feel weak at first, I realized I had I had unexpectedly hit the jackpot to understanding feelings. As a result, I developed a much deeper understanding of human feelings. This is how I was able to feel the connection between between intuition and emotions. They are two branches fed by the same source. Contrary to public perception humans emotions, and feelings are not the same, they are very different. The reason we do not differentiate is we do not consider emotions important enough to explore deeper.

The reason I chose this post as first, is that while it may be true that repression can be helpful at first in the long run it can become a habit. The reason I realized that repression could interfere with letting go of emotions is, I finally came to an understanding that even though I thought I had dealt with being raped and abused a long time ago, I had actually used repression as a way to avoid my pain. The repression had initially helped me survive the rape and abuse, eventually became a crutch that I used to avoid dealing with the pain. In a sense, repression became my unconscious reason to avoid healing. When I finally faced the abuse, it felt like I l had lanced the boil/ infection of my abuse, and was finally able to release the poison of what had happened, and allow it to flow out of me. This allowed the abuse to be exposed to the light and heal.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am writing this post because when I was in grade school I was raped by the janitor in my school. He had lured me into the janitorial room with a sweet smelling liquid he said was cherry syrup. I had to spit it out because it turned out to be soap. He just laughed, and said, “Do you believe everything people tell you?” He grabbed me by the arm and told me to rinse my mouth out. I wasn’t paying attention so I didn’t notice him close and lock the door. He roughly pushed me over the big sink. As I tried to keep from falling in the sink, he pulled down my pants. At the time, I was so innocent I had no idea of what was happening. I was afraid; but I thought he was going to spank me as my dad did to me. The nuns were also fond of pulling down the student’s pants to spank them, I guess they figured it embarrassed us having our pants down around our ankles. None of this prepared me for what happened next. The janitor pushed me further over the edge of the sink, so I had to use my arms keep to from falling in. The pain I felt next caused me to leave my body. I was aware of floating out of my body, and I saw a bright light just above me. The voice that came forth from the light told me, “be not afraid.” I felt Peace and Love engulf me, and I lost all awareness of what was happening to me.

I came back to my body when the janitor stopped pushing against me. I was still unsure of exactly what had happened, but I felt pressure against my butt again, but less painfully than before. I watched as the janitor threw the paper towel he had used to wipe my butt over my shoulder into the sink. I wondered if he had spanked me too hard because there was a small amount of blood on the tissue that he threw in the sink. I finished dressing, and quickly went outside for the rest of recess. Nobody even noticed I had been gone, but that was not unusual as the other kids never really payed attention to me most of the time anyways. The next day was confessions, so I pretended to pray while I waited for the last person to leave confession. I went inside the confessional last even sure what to confess, but I could feel the janitor’s desires for me, so I thought did something wrong. After my confession, the priest told me he wanted to speak to me in the rectory. I was an altar boy, so I didn’t think twice about it. He told me very seriously that the janitor had placed a seed of evil inside me, and that my soul was in danger from what he did. The priest told me that the only way to fight this evil was to put a seed of good inside me every week to fight the evil. I figured out later the priest had turned my beliefs against me, and simply used my desire to be ”saved” to molest me. I felt so gullible that after it ended that I was too embarrassed to tell any one. I did not want to feel the pain from both the memory of the rape, and the priest’s betrayal. I repressed the memory, so forgot about it. I thought I had left it behind.

It was my rape and sexual abuse that eventually led me to write this post on repressed emotion because I had mistakenly believed that I had already dealt with my rape and abuse. Even though I had forgiven those involved, I had never stopped to feel the emotional pain of being raped, abused, and betrayed. I mean who would want to feel that? In fact, I unconsciously avoided feeling it, but you cannot release an emotion until you access it, and you cannot access an emotion until you feel it fully. I finally realized that I had bypassed what I felt, in order to take the higher road-forgiveness. I thought of the priest as a good man who was flawed, and in his weakness took advantage of children. I thought by forgiving the people that hurt me I was taking the higher road. I have found that I could not avoid the pain that lay embedded in the abuse. The problem is, in order to connect with an emotion you have to feel it, otherwise it is like shooting a target in the dark, and hoping you hit it. I have spent decades avoiding the pain of my abuse by repressing it, creating a large enough distance to keep it out of reach. Now, a few years later this abuse has surfaced again, and I realized I had only found different ways to repress the abuse, instead of dealing with it. Now it is time to heal it, and let it go. One of the things that empowers shame, is it is not about what you did. Shame cuts deeper because it is about you, that is why you need help to release it. When you get to a certain age, repression becomes a habit of avoidance, so you put off dealing with repression for too long. Good Luck! I will give some suggestions later on for dealing with repressed emotions that may help you.

When I was homeless for a period of 1 year, and 3 months, many of my previous experiences, thoughts, and, questions bore fruit, and ripened. It was as if the thoughts, and ideas in my mind had suddenly come into focus under a magnifying glass resulting in an amazing clarity. I will share some of what I have learned when I was homeless. They are things all humans should be aware of because they can lead us away from our oneness with the rest of humanity. For me It was like being in a school specially designed to answer all the questions that I had put aside over the years. The first thing I became aware of was a completely different understanding of human emotions. Emotions were much more than they seemed. Additionally they were linked to a higher form of guidance than just our mind. We have been taught over our lives that emotions are pesky annoying things, so we are better off ignoring them. The point is they are simply information that we ignore at our own peril.

The first thing I was shown was that “feeling” was part of an early warning system that we ignore because we are not taught to be comfortable with processing our emotions. We do not like being uncomfortable, so we find ways to avoid it. The second thing, was that feeling was actually part of a larger communication system that that consisted of two branches. Judgments, and lack of understanding cause us to ignore all this information. We must accept that we are made in The Creator’s image. Once we accept the truth of this, we can explore its deeper meaning. Obviously, we are not made in His physical image. If we explore our deeper aspect we will understand, made in his image does not apply to His, or mine, but instead what inhabits the body, our Spirit. It is our Spirit that is “made in The Creator’s image.” This becomes easier to see when we explore our “Spiritual” inheritance. From The Creator, we inherit our ability to create, and our power that utilizes our free will to choose to create what we want. The problem is we are taught to translate Power to mean “power over,” but since The Creator could have easily taken “power over” us and chose not to, His idea of power must then reflect some inner quality of power he gave to each of us, not “power over.”

I speak, of course, about the inner power that has been demonstrated to us by Gandhi, Jesus, and more recently Martin Luther King Jr. to name a few. In each of these cases there was no reason to have “power over” (external power) others. When you are connected to the power within you, there is no need to use power overs. Any influence they had, came from their example. People were simply inspired by their example, and chose to follow it. I think this is a good time to understand where our feelings originate, and their purpose. The only reason we have not understood the source of our feelings is we have never been interested in them. We avoid, and repress our feelings. I will cut to the chase here. One mistake we make is we forget that underneath our physical being lives our Spirit. We are told that we are made in the image of the creator, but we only give this lip service because we do not feel worthy of our divinity. This is the reason we misinterpret that we are made in the image of The Creator. If you are able to understand that beneath the surface of your physical self lives your spiritual being, then you realize that being made in the “image” of The Creator refers to being made in the image of His Spiritual Essence because He does not thave a physical body. We may depend on logic, but it does not have the capacity to know beyond what our mind knows. It does not see what lies beyond us.

This means your physical genetics are about what you inherit from your physical parents (logic, and looks), so it can only tell you about what you already know, or can deduct. Your mind is not capable of seeing beyond that. Only your Spiritual genetics, which is what you inherit from The Creator, are capable of seeing beyond. To give an exanple, the difference is like being on one of the old “tall ships.” If you want to see farther, you nust be up in the “crow’s nest” and rely on a telescope to extend your limited physical vision, but with the vision of your Spirit, there is no physical limits to what you see. This is how you can always see what is ahead of you, and know you are on the right path. It is the perfection navigation (GPS) system that always leads you to the correct place. It complicates directions because humans are in denial about their Spiritual Heritage, which makes you blind to the communicaion from your Spirit. Is is also why we do not understand that the “feelings” are the directions. It’s pretty simple though, our feelings come from our non-physical being, but we are taught to ignore them, which is why we so often ”feel lost” This is why we are afraid of, and misinterpret our feelings. We do not bother understanding because we think we already know. The thing is all this communication is received though our nonphysical channel. The trick is it doesn’t need translation, the mesessage is already contained in the essence of the feelings.

Emotions are also comminucated through this non-physical channel too, but since the only purpose of emotions is feedback, there is noting to do but feel, and then express them. The second branch of the non-physical communication is intuition, but since we do not understand its origin, we ignore it. If we paid attention we would notice it is communicated not words, but something harder to misinterpret – feelings. The only problem with intuition is since no one tells us we receive all these non-physical messages within, we ignore them. This is why you will always hear yourself, or others say, “I knew I should have, or I knew I shouldn’t have” and each time you will remember that inner warning, but since no one wanted you to find the power within you, they never told you. Of course, there is an even darker reason for not telling you about your inner power. For centuries men and those in powerhave waged an undeclared war against women. Of course, this War was never officially declared, so instead you see the actions of the war carried out daily on women likerape and murder. I won’t go into detail on this now, it’s a whole subject in itself. I will not delve into it until a later chapter were I can devote the time it deserves.

In a couple of “aha moments”when I was homeless, many things became clear to me. I realized that unless you express emotion they gets stored like the energy of a battery. This is to safeguard the memory of repressed emotions, until you are mature enough to deal with them. They are stored in a safe place where the energy remains accessable to our mind. As we process our emotions, we become stronger, and feel more comfortable with them. As we get practice processing, and dealing with our emotions, they seldom overwhelm us. When we do express our emotions, they lighten up and float away. Parents want to proect us from the emotions that are uncomfortable, because the do not want to see us in pain, but instead they unknowingly make us into emotional cripples, overwhelmed with every emotion. They spend the rest of our lives rescuing us. When you react showing children your pain, they will start crying. They will always respond to the pain on your face. Emotions are simply meant to be felt, and when they are felt their expression simply releases the emotion. Remember that is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. You can’t protect your children from pain, but you can be with them, and show them how to face it.

This all starts when we are very young. It happens unconsciously. Our parents have already learned that emotions are divided in to two types: good, and bad, so they hold judgments about them. They do not understand the purpose behind emotions, so they want to protect us from emotions that make us feel discomfort. It makes our parents feel uncomfortable to so they want to intervene. Parents are not taught that if they just asked us what we are feeling, and if necessary help them apply a label to the feeling they could help their children to understand what they were feeling. Once they are aware that they are just feeling an emotion, they will not be afraid unless parents show are. Since the purpose of emotions is to get feed back on a specific situation, it allows you know how to respond, and if your children should ask for help, give it to them. Once you know that they will be okay your worry will leave, then you can just sit with them, and say, “lets feel this together until it passes.”This gives them important information: that it is temporary, it will go away on its own, and they will be okay.
Children can seem to feel bad, so you are tempted to bribe them. “Don’t feel sad, or angry, have a cookie or piece of cake,” it seems harmless enough, but as they say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” The consequences of this are, they do not learn to process uncomfortable emotions. Since you can not be there every moment you keep them from being self sufficient, which means they can be overwhelmed by strong emotions. Unconsciously, they know you only give them bribes to avoid things you do not like. Over time they learn to avoid emotion, and since they never get the practice at handling emotion, they are overwhelmed by it, which reinforces th necessity of avoidence. With this approach, parents would simply help the children by being with them, and supplying them with needed Guidance. By sitting with their child as they experienced the emotion they would be able to see how much, or how little assistance the child needed to process the emotion. Do not talk your child our of their emotions. Don’t participate in the conspiracy of silence. Don’t teach them to repress emotions because while it can help them to survive a traumatic emotion, time will do the same thing.

We are taught to ignore our intuition as unimportant, but every time we ignore it, we limit the information available to make the correct decision. We are taught to prefer the power of logic, but logic doe not have power; it is simply a tool for our consciousness to use. While logic is portrayed as superior, it is really limited to what we already know. We can easily see beyond what we know mentally, but it requires access to our deeper guidance. Unfortunately, we are taught to ignore this superior inner guidance because those in power do not want us to look inside ourselves because we might notice that real power “lives within us.” To listen to your intuition you must access your feeling , which is the access toyour non-physical knowledge. It is the way your Spirit communicates information to you. Your Spirit does not have language, it lives in higher vibrations where it is not needed, it is much harder to misunderstand a feeling because either something, “feels right” or it does not. No other words are necessary. You can learn more about what direction to go next with, your “Spiritual GPS” start paying attention to the Information you receive. It will guide you flawlessly.

If you want some resources for dealing with repressed emotions, you can find help at consciouss breathing, or classes, or teachers of breathing, you can get releases with so help. If you have repressedfor a long time Art Therapy may help you reconnect.

© 2013 Dan Amato

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I want to apologize for my last post, “An owners manual for Humanity.”I rushed to squeeze it in for the last day of the month, and it was not until I posted it that I realized that several things were missing. The next,and bigger mistake I made was to just try to fix it the next couple of days, but I found it to be impossible to fix something I did not cover completely in the first place. I am sorry for my poor decisions, but as many plans fell through for me, I let last week get away from me. This morning I decided to delete the original unfinished post, which did not make any sense anyways. I also decided to re-write this post so it would do justice to what I have come to understand. As I started to reorganize and rewrite this post, I realized that I left out a number of things that I needed to cover, and explain. When I realized how much I needed to add, I realized, by the time I finished it would be too long for a post, so it has become a series of posts. I have no idea of how long it will take me, but when I finish I will compile it into an ebook, and make it available for a couple of bucks. For those of you that do no have the funds, the posts will always be available for downloads. If you were one of the few that had the negative experience of trying to read and decipher my last post. You have my deepest apology. I have decided to stop trying to be Superhuman, and instead be a Human doing Super things. I hope to write a Super post soon!

© 2013 Dan Amato

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Understanding Beauty

Understanding Beauty

This post exposes how humans limit the beauty they are able to appreciate. I chose this subject because my perceptions of beauty has continually changed throughout my life, especially in the past 5 years. This is a short review of what I learned!

I was taught (mostly unconsciously) to make judgments on what is beautiful, and what is not. Over the years, I believe, my unconscious mind was programed with a template of what was beautiful. Unfortunately, this idea of beauty was not created out of the my natural exploration of beauty, but was built from all the images the media presented to me as beautiful. They asked me to choose which of the women they presented to me visually was the most beautiful? Each time I chose, my mind installed a new template for evaluating beauty. The insidious nature of this request to evaluate the most beautiful
evaded me for quite a while. Even now, I am only realizing as I write this post that there is an even greater cost to doing this comparison than I thought. I did not easily recognize that by comparing the beauty of others, I lessened my ability to enjoy the beauty I did see. Eventually I realized that comparing beauty was an insidious trap that had unconsciously ensnared me. It took me decades to understand that in order to compare beauty, it became necessary for my mind to look for flaws. Since these different individuals were already labeled beautiful, the only option available to me was to evaluate the most beautiful was to first to eliminate who I could by finding flaws. The woman with the least flaws won the most beautiful label by default. The result of this process is once you begin to notice flaws it becomes a habit. Without awareness of this habit, it becomes impossible to stop noticing flaws. Flaws are a hindrance to seeing beauty because looking for flaws our attention away from the beauty.

The more insidious part of comparing beauty, that I only just becoming aware of is, that we allow the media’s idea of beauty to separate us from the natural process of finding and appreciating a woman’s beauty. The way the media portrays beauty to us, is that it can be evaluated entirely on what we see. This has far reaching consequences, not just to us, but to our entire society! The problem with the way the media asks us to find beauty is viewing an image leaves out perhaps the most important aspect of beauty. I’m talking about the deeper aspect of beauty that is entirely accessed through feeling. Simply put; in order for you to see this Beauty, you must be able to feel it first. Just as making a food visually beautiful can make it taste better, so can feeling Love increase the Beauty we can see. It is only with Unconditional Love that you can see past the flaws in another and feel the beauty within. It is because it comes from Love, that this beauty must be felt to be seen. When you can feel a woman’s beauty, the feeling informs your vision of her. It is like Love becomes night vision goggles that allows you to see the part of Beauty usually unseen. Love allows you to see the inner beauty superimposed over the outer.

I have been blessed to see how a woman’s inner beauty enhances her outer beauty, and in some cases how the lack of inner beauty detracts from her outer beauty. This puzzled me at first. I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop, and I was watching a woman walking towards me on the sidewalk, and I was admiring her beauty, but almost right before my eyes her beauty faded. I would have thought maybe I just did didn’t get a good look, but what happened next showed me that the Universe was in teaching mode, and my lesson was still in session. This lady entered the coffee shop and I thought I had misjudged her appearance. I was unable to see what I thought was was beautiful about her. As she was leaving, the Barista shaking his head, told me he used to think she was beautiful, but then he got to know her and his opinion changed.

A while later another woman walked towards me. She seemed ordinary. I sort of stared at her while I was concentrating on the best word to use to replace the one I had used in a post I was writing for my blog. When my attention returned to her, the beauty I saw caused me to think it was a different woman. She was so beautiful. How could I have missed that? When she walked in to buy a coffee, I noticed she was wearing the same same clothes and earrings I had noticed on the woman I had been starring at. She was almost unrecognizable as the same woman; she was so beautiful, it was hard to accept this was the same woman. Another Barista (a different one) smiled when she noticed I couldn’t take my eyes off this woman. The woman walked back toward the door to leave, and I realized that she was literally glowing with beauty. It felt to me like the beauty was overflowing from her, and I think that is what I was seeing. The beauty within her was so strong I was able to see it. I became aware that the beauty I felt in her was somehow informing what I was seeing. Over the next few days, I started to understand. The only thing that was different in these women that seemed to change in front of my eyes was becoming aware of their energy. If the woman had inner beauty it would add to the beauty I saw. I she did not have inner beauty then much of the beauty I originally saw would disappear and I would not see it any more.

It would help us greatly to learn how to look past flaws we see in others like the jewelers have to look past the flaws in diamonds to sell them. Jewelers are taught about the flaws in diamonds. The flaw is important to them because finding the flaw allows them to cut the diamond in a way that highlights its brilliance, and brings out its shine. If you request it, they will show you a certificate describing the flaws in the diamond, but then they will quickly shift your attention to how brightly the diamond can shine brightly despite its flaw. In this way they do not allow awareness of the diamond’s flaw to keep them from sharing its beauty with you! This lesson is an important one for humans. If we Learn to see past people’s flaws it allows us discover the beauty that exists underneath. We need to recognize that people’s flaws are simply a tiny part of all that they are. Like any jewel, humans despite their flaws, are still capable of shining brightly. We do not realize that poor perceptions and judgments smudge the lens through which others shine. These smudges do not allow us to see the beauty that is there.

As humans, our choices are decided when we choose where we keep our attention focused. We can either see people’s flaws or the light that comes through. Our attention often bounces back and forth between the two. Attention functions like fertilizer, so whatever we keep our attention on grows. Where will you keep your attention focused, on people’s brilliance, or their flaws? The light of the divine shines in us all, learn to see it in yourself, then in others. When we look for the brilliance in others, looking for brilliance will become our new habit. It won’t be long before we start seeing this brilliance where ever ever we look. We will quickly learn that each beauty is unique, so we will value each beauty for its uniqueness.

When we stop comparing beauty, we will start looking for beauty. This will give very different results. Enjoying a woman’s will be much more enjoyable to us than looking for flaws. We will understand there is outer beauty (the one we usually see), but there is also inner beauty (not many of us are aware of it). Inner beauty becomes more visible when the beauty of someone’s inner light shines through them, illuminating them from within. It is much like stained glass, you can never see its true beauty until the light of the sun shines through it.

With few exceptions, finding beauty in what exists around us is something we do not do very often or very well. Yes, we may create a beautiful house, but we are usually too busy to stop to enjoy it. We hurry past a beautiful sunrise or sunset to get to something else like work, or go to the coffee shop to use the Internet. Maybe if instead, we learned to look for the beauty that already exists around us, we will find we are happier as beauty makes us feel happy. If we are taught to look for both inner, and outer beauty we will start discovering it in the people around us. We may even start to notice the beauty within us and discover that we never looked deep enough to see the beauty that we are. We let the perceptions of other’s get in the way of seeing the beauty that was always there. This may inspire us to look deeper into those people we judged by there outer appearance as not qualifying for “beautiful” status. Outer beauty is just one ingredient in the beauty of any being. Since we are all Spirits in physical bodies, Inner Beauty is the missing part of a Human being’s Beauty.

Know the Energy of Spirit will help you discover the beauty in your life, the only price is to ask, and then look for it! You cannot help but find what is already there!
Happy hunting!

© 2013 Dan Amato

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Rocket stoves

Rocket stoves

The reason I have changed the format for this blog is I realized that merely talking about, or understanding Peace and violence is not enough to create Peace out in the world. In thinking about Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs I understood that until people’s biological and physiologic needs, like food, water, shelter, and warmth are met, people are not able to focus on issues like Peace. In case you are not familiar with the other needs Maslow proposed, they are Safety (feeling secure, and protected), Social needs, which involve a sense of belonging and Love (through family and other relationships), and self esteem. One look at the world, and you will see that those needs are not being met for all. Few of the population have reached the top level in Maslow’s hierarchy, Self-Actualization, where people have sought their Personal Potentials, personal growth, or finding fulfillment in their lives. Our society has acclimated us to living with fear, so unconsciously our motivation most often comes from lower needs like survival. This fear can interfere with our ability to feel compassion for others. In this post, it is not possible to go into the reasons why we react to situations from places other than our Humanity, but I will say we have been conditioned by society to do so until we clear these from our unconscious, violence will remain prominent in our society.

Today I am discussing rocket stove’s, something that even many of us may not know about. It is probably unlikely that rocket stoves will pass an inspection in the U.S. This is Not because they are more dangerous than normal wood burning stoves. In fact in many ways they are better and safer. It would be more about ego because the powers that be may decide they already know everything about combustion, so there is to nothing new to know about burning wood. To give you an idea of what I mean, if they studied rocket stoves, they would discover that these stoves work at higher internal temperatures, which they might use as evidence that they were more dangerous. However, it would be sad if the powers that be, prevent the use of rocket stoves just because they lacked the understanding of something new, which does not fit in with what they know. If they studied these stoves long enough they would discover that rocket stoves area actually a safer design because the combustion chamber is tiny and the exhaust volume is low, the draft is strong, and the stoves exterior does not reach very high temperature, so even if you sat these stoves, you would not be burned.

The rocket stove design creates such a strong draft that rather than the smoke, and hot gases exiting a chimney exhaust as one might expect, ”ALL combustion products pass through the hottest part of the fire resulting in very complete combustion, producing the greatest amount of heat and reducing products of incomplete combustion such as carbon monoxide and smoke. To capture as much of the heat as possible, and radiate it into the room, the exhaust gases are passed through a secondary chamber (much larger than the combustion chamber) that absorbs and radiates the heat. Finally the relatively cool exhaust gases are expelled through an exhaust tube.” [This quote was copied from the website where this information was posted(, go there with any questions or to learn more about the design.]

However, because this stove still still utilizes fire for combustion, common sense precautions are still necessary. One of the challenges for people in countries that lack resources, like third world, and other poorer countries, is the ability to heat their living space , and cook safely. In developing countries, families resort to having an open fire to cook and heat their home. This exposes these families to toxins given off by burning the fuels necessary to cook or heat the home. This may shorten their lives, and cause disease. Another problem is finding the fuel to feed the fire. If the family have burned all the nearby fuel, they may have to walk 10 to 20 miles to gather firewood. Someone must also obtain water for the family. These jobs are mostly done by women or girls in the family. On any given day these women,and girls are vulnerable to rape while bringing the water, or firewood home. Since rocket stoves use much less wood they could help a little with this problem.

Stoves in this country claim to be super efficient, but the exhaust released out the chimney is not included in their calculations. Actually, our country could lower its carbon footprint if we used rocket stoves. If you know someone that is involved with charity or lives in a poor country share this post with them, and help them to find a better way to provide heat to their clients. On-line there are many different kinds of plans dedicated to heating water and for heating houses, etc. Here is one website, but there are many more, just put rocket stove in the search engine.

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Sharing What We Know To Change The World

Steps that Even Poor Cultures Can Put In Place To Reverse Climate Change

I am aware of the ongoing arguments about global warming, which range from total denial of it, to those that quote researchers, which say the numbers are exaggerated, to those that tell us it may already be too late to stop it. Well great news, this post is not about any of these things. This post is about Hope. The hope comes from the very thing we have spent centuries trying to control and even destroying – Mother Nature. You see, the only thing that can change direction quickly enough, and expansively enough to undo the changes we have wrought is Mother Nature. We know how quickly She can reclaim an abandoned area, and this time some of us are working with Her to reverse the imbalances we have created. This post is about two such people working to help reverse desertification, and demonstrating how we can reverse global warming.

I have come across so many people working in so many ways to make the world a better place that one could call it a conspiracy of Light. I believe each of us addresses different aspects of life making the world a better place. We can look out into the world and see the greed, and desire for power that have always existed, or we can look out and see all those dedicated to change the world for the better. They both exist, but you have a choice about which one you give your attention to, and whatever you give your attention to you feed. I believe we are starting to notice that whatever affects one of us affects us all in some way. This is the change we are seeing in the world; it is us. We are starting to succeed at letting go of the need to control things and finding ways to work with each other and with Mother nature, and help her reclaim the planet.

Those of you that have read my previous posts may remember me talking about the difference between dealing with a symptom (which cannot affect a problem) and dealing with the cause of a problem (which is the only hope of addressing a problem). Well researcher Allan Savory, in his years of research has discovered one cause of global warming. Since he knows one of the causes, he understands we can reverse it. Savory is not only reversing desertification, bur global warming too. The first link on this post is testament to how if we are willing to let go of what we were taught, we have a chance reach a better understanding. Since 10,000 years ago humans have sought to gain control over Nature. We started global warming by trying to change nature to suit us, and we are now learning to work with Nature.

Savory shows pictures of the profound changes that took place once they understood how desertification had happened, and he started to do the unthinkable, restore animal grazing except they used holistic herding techniques utilizing planned grazing and low-stress animal handling. You can see the difference afterwards where plant life is restored. The river which had been dry for many years because the land could not absorb the water and it would just run off. Now you can notice the river is flowing again. These areas no longer need continual handouts of food, and the wildlife is returning. Endless droughts, and dried river beds are gone replaced with flowing rivers and thriving animal populations, and are no longer dependent on handouts of food. Savory works with nature at very low cost to re-balance Nature and not only reverse desertification, but also global warming. Vegetation reduces the greenhouse effect by pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. One of the benefits of reversing desertification is the land starts sequestering carbon by storing it in the land, so as nature reasserts herself global warming is reversed.

In a plateau in China, several thousand years of agricultural exploitation DE-nuded the hills and valleys of vegetation, and relentless grazing stopped vegetation from growing. This created poverty, which was passed from generation to generation It became the legacy one generation passed passed down to another.

Cameraman and ecologist John D. Liu during an assignment happened on a plateau in China where he witnessed ordinary people transform an area almost the size of the Netherlands from a barren desert into a lush green oasis, returning the land to abundance. He made a documentary called, “Hope in a changing Climate” and shared it on the web. Reversing desertification quickly became his life’s work and he became an advisor to governments to share what he learned, that climate change and desertification seem to go hand and hand. When desertification is present the water runoff washes away the soil increasing the erosion, famine quickly over takes the area. Luckily, Liu also discovered that it’s possible to rehabilitate large scale damaged ecosystems, especially if humans lend a hand.

Liu’s success is being demonstrated in Jordan where the Jordanian royal family has invited him to help reverse desertification, and restore the ecosystem. In Jordan they have set aside land for natural vegetation to grow back. They have stopped the grazing of livestock for three years, which not only allowed vegetation to grow back, but also some plant species that were thought to be extinct have grown back. The water has been replenished because rain now slowly sinks back into the subsoil, the wild life returns, and even power generation that was declining is coming back. It may appear at first that these two videos demonstrate opposing views, but then I remembered that sheep could graze an area after cattle did because sheep and goats eat crops right down to to the scalp of the earth. When you understand this you will notice that in the second video the sheep are not allowed to graze this way. They use slightly different avenues to achieve the same results.

By allowing corporations to take without giving back , governments have promoted a continuous, and recurring Cycle of poverty that continues to destroy country after country
economically, as well as many other ways. To allow prosperity for just a few, we and our government have allowed corporations to rape our ecosystems just to get a few more bucks they really did not need. Remember the politicians can’t help us; this happened on their watch. They, along with us, allowed our resources, and the resources of other countries to be raped by corporations to squeeze Mother Nature for everything they could.

This last success shows us that when a system encloses itself it become self sufficient, so when the canopy closes it creates is own mulch, and cycles its own nutrients.
What you see in the before and after pictures Will regenerate your hope about mankind’s survival, and our future being an abundant one with a little hard work while cooperating with Mother Earth. If you know a charity that is doing what it can to help the world become a better place, feel welcome to share this or other of my posts to share this information that will help the world. By

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Renovation of: Building a Legacy of Peace Blog Site

Despite the fact that human cultures have been laced with violence for centuries, we have not yet figured out that we keep feeding the existence of violence with our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. We see, and experience our culture of violence before we reach the age of reason. We process and absorb it through our unconscious mind. In this way the violence in the world becomes a familiar but accepted part of our unconscious programming, especially the more subtle forms of violence.

We do not recognize these subtler forms of violence because they involve the use of force as opposed to physical violence. Governments, most politicians, some church officials, some teachers, and even many parents will not only use force, but even defend the use of force as necessary. This list is by no means a complete listing of how force permeates human thought, but as you begin to notice the various ways that force is used, and how often it is used, you will realize it has contaminated many aspects of our human existence. Of course, the only reasons to use force, are to exert power and gain control. Since we are taught from a very young age by the example of many adults that control is important, we actively seek it out, and even compete for it. In fact, we spend much of our lives finding better ways of getting power. It becomes our default way of being in the world. It becomes unconscious and automatic. We lose awareness of whatever enters our unconscious programming. Whatever we lack awareness about remains unchanged. All unconscious knowledge is woven into our thoughts and experiences, which become the fundamental building blocks from which we construct our perceptions and beliefs.

This means we are not consciously aware of how our unconscious mind affects our thinking. It would take too much time to explore all the ways that being raised in a culture of violence affects us, and I think most of the readers of this blog are smart enough or intuitive enough to uncover these more subtle forms of violence. For many of us, these subtle forms of violence hardly raise an eyebrow. We dismiss some of these more subtle forms of violence because they pale in comparison to the physical forms of violence we have seen or experienced, like physical violence. These contaminated threads of mental, emotional, and Spiritual violence are woven into the entire landscape of human existence, even though we have never consciously chosen them. This is why violence continues to plague humanity.

I will go more into how we continue creating violence in the future, but this post is more about changes in the information I will present on this blog, and the way I present it to you. I will still present how our present thinking continues to encourage the use of violence as a solution to many of our problems.

You may have noticed part of the coming changes if you read my last post on why it is important to involve our children in thinking about creating Peace. I will put forth ideas that allow us to make alternative choices that will lead us to Peace. We must learn to use our resources in ways that think outside the box, so we can arrive at ways of thinking we have not previously explored. The first part of the new format of this blog site will continue as I mentioned exposing the unconscious parts of our creations, which have lead us to where we are. The second part will be a new section dedicated to sharing new technologies and ideas I have found in my travels on the INTERNET that seem not to be available where they are most needed. People need help with ways and ideas on how to survive before they can focus on Peace. There are inexpensive ways of addressing problems that help communities in their survival. For instance when someone’s survival is uncertain because of lack of availability of food, shelter, family or work concerns, thinking about peace does not help with their survival. In other words you cannot spend time being worried about peace if you are not sure you can survive. These posts will be, for instance, to address economically challenging issues to make headway toward abundance, and so eventually to Peace. It may be informative for charities that may be looking for other, or better ways to help those they are dedicated to helping. If you know someone that can be helped with this information, feel free to share it. The last section will contain stories of people’s triumphs. They may be all be mixed in with each other, but I will label them so you can only read those you are interested in. I hope you enjoy the changes, and I will persevere to bring you this information. Find peace! It is worth the work of letting go of all that stands in the way of finding new ways of thinking that support Peace. This is something I can testify to as I have learned to spend most of my time in a place or Peace,even though it has been a challenge at times remaining in this place with with the challenges I have been going through. It can be done. It is not easy; but it can be done!
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Giving Children What They Need to Create a World of Peace

I am choosing this as my first new post because it demonstrates why it will be our children that lead us to find Peace. It shows us why we as adults lack the one requirement we need to learn Peace. John Hunter is the inventor of the World Peace Game, which started as a 4’by 5’ plywood interactive board game. In my opinion he is a teacher in the truest sense of the word – he helps children learn by giving them problems to solve and then gets out of the way, and lets them figure out how to solve them).

In the World Peace Game, Hunter presents his students with four countries, and sets them against each other in every way, politically, socially, militarily, and economically. The game is a political science simulation where students inherit a situation based on the country they represent. Then they have to think their way out of the situation. Each country has different assets, both commercial and military. All students have a thirteen-page crisis document with 50 interlocking problems. The problems are set up so that any change to one problem affects every other problem. There are only two rules to win the game (1) All 50 problems have to be solved, and (2) The Assets of every country must increase during the game.

Before I go on to describe more about the game, first I want to explain why I believe that our children will be the ones to show us the way to Peace. First it will be necessary for me to explain the difference between a clever man and a wise man. A clever man is only interested in impressing others with his knowledge. This limits clever people’s thinking because they believe they already know the answers. If you think you know the answer, you wont continue the search any further. You will use the same tired solutions to look appear good in the eyes of others. This condemns you to use only solutions you that you already know. It is not possible to continue learning if you already know the answer. The necessary impetus to continue learning is absent.

The wise man may look like his clever counterpart. However, he is very different because he understands how much he does not know. He continues to question things and explore. He does not abandon his imagination. Einstein told us why imagination is so important, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” In short imagination compels us to keep learning, and go beyond what we already know. It allows us to jump beyond logic, which can lead us to as yet unexplored new solutions.

As children reach adulthood their imagination atrophies. They learn to use it less and less, and it becomes an unused muscle. Many adults are only able to understand what they know, so their ability to use their imagination is reduced. The good news is that we can get back what we lost. We can see that in humans like Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, and Steve Jobs to name a couple. Each of these people had the gift to think beyond what people in their times knew. Imagination requires that we think past what we know! You won’t see many smart politicians, only clever ones. They use the same tired solutions year after year using cleverness to repackage the solutions they offer up. If they still had imagination they could see beyond problems to the causes. If they had imagination they would see that solutions that address the causes would at least have a better chance to affect the outcome.

Politicians lack of imagination does not allow them to see past problems to solutions. When a doctor prescribes something for a symptom, it only addresses the symptom, which may give the body time to heal the problem. Unfortunately there is no natural healing mechanism for societal problems. When politicians address the symptoms of a problem, it allows politicians to “appear” to be doing something about a problem. Unfortunately, they only hide it. Treating just the symptom only hides the true problem; it does not affect the cause. So the original problem continues to grow in size. When politicians address a symptom, the cost to taxpayers grows. If you want to see an example on this subject read my September post on “How politician’s solutions create new problems instead of solving the of the ones we have.”

Politicians have the opportunity to learn is from the consequences of the decisions they make, However, since their attention is taken up with getting re-elected, getting power over others, and winning, the opportunity to learn from the consequences of their decisions is often wasted. This is why I believe that only children are equipped to find Peace. We have already tried all the solutions that we know, so what we need is someone to come up with new solutions, ones with a healthy dose of imagination, and a touch of intuition. A child’s imagination gives them one additional advantage. They can learn lessons by making mistakes in their imagination. This way they can learn consequences with their imagination without having to make the actual mistake.

Because politicians are only able to see from the point of view where they know the answers, they cannot see past them to new solutions. All of us, not just our politicians must begin exercising the muscle of our imagination so we can see where the decisions we will lead us before we cause damage to the human race. Hunter’s children use their imaginations to solve complex problems. Exercising their imaginations while playing the World Peace Game they can experience the effects of war and peace, and the cost of both without having to experience the physical reality first.

Now that you understand why children will lead us to peace, back to the World Peace Game.

The matrix of this game incorporates both violence and peace, but for every death the responsible country must write a letter of condolence to the parents. The children remain aware that war has a cost. They are able to learn the consequences of their decisions through their imagination. In spite of having more experience with violence and war, our politicians have not yet learned a simple lesson – to learn from their mistakes. To them the deaths from war are merely numbers, statistics without meaning. They never have to write letters to the parents of those who have died in battle. It is done for them by military leaders. They never go to the battlefields, or war zones to see the damage they are responsible for. They are shielded so they are never face with the consequences of what they have done.

In the game, some countries are rich, and some poor. Players must deal with ethnic and minority tensions, environmental disasters, chemical, and oil spills, arms dealers, water rights disputes, and even nuclear proliferation. They must also deal with famine, endangered species, and even global warming. They learn about Sun Tzu’s philosophy so they are aware of how to avoid the path to power and destruction. They learn to think in terms of long-term solutions. They learn the value of cooperation and generosity, and if you work together you can accomplish anything. Many students have already figured out that if one country wins everyone else loses. Once the game starts, the teacher surrenders control and lets the children come up with their own solutions. This is where imagination comes into play.

There is even a documentary called, “World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements” that will give you a feel about what happens in the class. Of course the game has continued to evolve. Watch the two videos, links included, and watch how our children are learning Peace! Imagination is the secret to creating Peace!

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