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Who among the rest of us do they want to cure next?

It is scary how much some people want gays to be gone, but the real problem is with the people that need them to be gone in order to be happy. This is based on the faulty premise that if … Continue reading

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Remembering The Sacrifice All Our Warriors Make In War

Revised: 6/11/12 Every year we devote one day to honor those that have given their lives to protect us and keep us safe. This post is to honor all the men and women that gave their lives for us. The … Continue reading

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Bringing Peace, Even Pleasure, To The Birthing Process

This post took me about a year to write because it took me a while to get up the courage to write it. In the end two things compelled my decision to write it. The first was my deep respect, … Continue reading

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A Child’s First Experience of Violence: Spanking Post #2

Initial comment by Trevor: “I think that the person who wrote this,” (Referring to the first post I wrote on spanking.) “while thoughtful, is very naive about violence and does not have the first clue about how to disciline a … Continue reading

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