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The Power of Love to Heal

Though the horrors of war destroy many lives, a mothers Love can resurrect a child’s heart. Once the heart is open, healing can take place. Emmanuel’s mom healed him and his brother with her Love. Her Love allowed Emmanuel to … Continue reading

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Who among the rest of us do they want to cure next?

It is scary how much some people want gays to be gone, but the real problem is with the people that need them to be gone in order to be happy. This is based on the faulty premise that if … Continue reading

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Homelessness: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

I am writing this post because of the recent battle over funding for the Hundred Nights shelter in Keene, NH. Based on the comments made by certain people it seems obvious that many people do not really comprehend homelessness, or … Continue reading

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Bringing Peace, Even Pleasure, To The Birthing Process

This post took me about a year to write because it took me a while to get up the courage to write it. In the end two things compelled my decision to write it. The first was my deep respect, … Continue reading

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The Power of Forgiveness to Find Peace: 9/11 Survivors

After I submitted my last post – on forgiveness, I had another flash of insight, that I will share it with you first before switching to the current post. Our minds tend to apply what we believe, to all that … Continue reading

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From Grief Back to Peace

I lost my dad fifteen years ago. At that time I realized that I did not want to focus on his death because that was only about my loss. I wanted to celebrate my dad’s life, and focus on how … Continue reading

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The Power of Affection to Create Peace

The Power of Affection A month or so ago, one of my face book friends shared a video of a woman holding a sign, Free Hugs. It was a great video showing people connecting to and acknowledging each other through … Continue reading

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