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Giving Children What They Need to Create a World of Peace

I am choosing this as my first new post because it demonstrates why it will be our children that lead us to find Peace. It shows us why we as adults lack the one requirement we need to learn Peace. … Continue reading

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How politician’s solutions create new problems instead of solving the of the ones we have

Political solutions rarely correct problems. Since these political solutions only address symptoms they inevitably fail. Treating symptoms only postpones problem resolution, and guarantees that problems will grow and multiply over time. This is a blind spot for many politicians, and … Continue reading

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Homelessness: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

I am writing this post because of the recent battle over funding for the Hundred Nights shelter in Keene, NH. Based on the comments made by certain people it seems obvious that many people do not really comprehend homelessness, or … Continue reading

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Finding your Power Again

Finding your Power Again How Blame Obscures Your Perception And Gives Your Power Away As humans, we quickly learn to place blame. Children do it to try to escape punishment, but by the time we are adults blame has become … Continue reading

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Conquering ADD to Find Peace

It is harder to accept that you have something like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), when it is labeled as a dysfunction because that means there is something wrong with you. I believe that people with ADD have basically the same … Continue reading

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Peace Cannot Be Waged

The idea of “Waging Peace” is an idea I have seen with increasing frequency. It worries me because many people approach Peace with the same mindset our leaders have used to wage war. People believe they can influence, or force … Continue reading

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The Necessity of Finding Win-Win Solutions in Creating Peace

From the time we are little, we are programmed with the idea that there can only be one winner. While this may be true in sports, we need to avoid this kind of thinking in our world affairs because, like … Continue reading

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